Review: The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub

I love cocoa scents but pair that with a beauty/body product? You’ve got me hook, line and sinker. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub is one such product – a pretty expensive product at SGD30.90 for a 200ml tub, given that it’s on and off the body in a blink, but one that still makes me a little panicky when I run out of it. I’m addicted.

Claims on website:
This exfoliating body scrub contains real cocoa butter. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Stimulates skin micro-circulation. Leaves skin feeling super-soft. Sweet cocoa butter scent.

The packaging is a little annoying – a pretty big plastic tub with a screw-off cap, which often leads to heartbreaking mishaps in the bathroom. Try juggling – 1) opening the tub, 2) finding a place to put the cap, 3) using your hands to dig some out while holding the tub, and if you live in a little flat, 4) balancing one leg while you scrub another, then 5) angling yourself the right way under the shower. I’ve dropped the tub a couple of times but luckily always when they’re nearly empty.

I love it for its scent – a really lovely buttery cocoa scent that makes me feel like I’m rubbing cocoa and butter on myself at the same time. Other than the scent which I’m totally obsessed with, it’s also a great physical exfoliant – the granules are big enough to scrub off all dry bits, leaving the skin soft and smooth, but not big enough to hurt. I like a good physical scrub that I can feel, especially on my dry legs every now and then, and this does the trick amazingly.

Despite it being a rather “scrubby” exfoliant, it doesn’t strip my skin of moisture. I find the cocoa butter actually quite nourishing for my skin, without leaving a filmy or oily residue. The downside is that this is pretty pricey. I only use this about once a week or fortnight as I rotate with other scrubs so this will last me a long time. But I were to use it every other day, then I think it wouldn’t even last a month.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love this. The packaging is annoying but I love the product enough to deal with it. The price is high for a body scrub, but if used once a week it should still last a good while. I totally recommend this for anyone who loves a nice cocoa smelling scrub, and likes having a good physical scrub that you can actually feel but still being moisturising.

Rating: 4/5


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