Haul: Korean Beauty

Hi everyone! I’m back!!! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve actually been away for the last 10 days – taking a much needed break, in Korea! Of course, going to the land of beauty and flawless skin, I couldn’t help but pick up… tons of beauty products!

I’m not actually going to list out everything that I bought because there is just way too much! The bulk of what I bought was sheet masks – they were so incredibly cheap and I just couldn’t help but keep buying them! There were a lot of offers of buy 1 get 1 free, and the original price of just 1 piece was already cheaper than what I pay for them in Singapore!

If anyone is headed to Korea and looking to go crazy on beauty products, do check out Myeongdong or the area around Ewha Women’s University. I could just shop at these areas the entire day! The sales people can be a little pushy but they are also very generous with samples.

Anyways, hope you had a good time ogling at my huge haul. Wahahaha. 😀


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