Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box October 2014

Another unboxing – this time it’s finally not a Memebox! I shop quite often on the LookFantastic website so when I saw that they were coming out with their own beauty box, I just had to get it! This is actually their second box – sadly I missed the first one, and it costs £15 inclusive of shipping, so it’s approximately SGD32. Let’s see how this fare!

Item 1: Pro-Kerati Refill Correcting Care Shampoo & Mask
Quick thoughts: 2 good size samples – 100ml and 75ml, which is almost half of the full size. My hair is really thick and dry so definitely looking forward to trying the hair mask.

Item 2: KMS Freeshape Quick Blow Dry
Quick thoughts: Another good travel size at 75ml, this is supposed to help speed up blow drying time by up to 50%. Another item that I would love to try. I will definitely repurchase if it works – having a head full of thick hair makes blow drying a nightmare. Will probably report back on whether this worked.

Item 3: Korres Citrus Shower Gel
Quick thoughts: I’ve used a number of Korres products and I’ve generally liked them – they’re quite reasonably priced and smells great. This contains wheat proteins which is supposed to maintain hydration. I love citrus scents so this will probably be a win as well.

Item 4: This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray
Quick thoughts: A pillow spray that’s supposed to help restore healthy sleep patterns – all you have to do is spritz a couple of times on your pillow before sleeping. I’ve been having some trouble sleeping and staying asleep lately because my mind can’t shut down when I’m worried – a few spritz last night and I slept through the night. I’ve passed it to my mom to see if it works for her too. If it does I will be purchasing the full bottle so that we can share.

Item 5: Balance Me Facial Expression Filler
Quick thoughts: This is a full size product and cost £22, more than the price of the box! This is supposed to help soften the appearance of forehead lines instantly. I… don’t have forehead lines. I don’t have crow lines. I actually don’t have any lines. This seems more like a primer/makeup type product than skincare/prevention, so I will be passing it to my Mom who actually have visible lines.

Item 6: Gatineau Collagene Expert Ultimate Smoothing Cream
Quick thoughts: With a high concentration of elastin and collagen, this is suppose to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the feel of the complexion. Skincare is always welcomed in my books – so I will give this a go eventually.

The focus this month seems to be wrinkles and hair. I’m pretty happy about the hair products – I will enjoy trying them out. The 2 skin products seem to be targeted towards an older generation – perhaps their client base is also an older crowd? So far I really enjoy the pillow spray but I don’t know if I’m just lucky. The products are also of a good size – mainly deluxe travel size, not itty bitty sachets.

All in all, I like this box – it’s filled with products that I will most likely use (except for the facial expression filler). And it’s introduced me to the pillow spray which I would never have picked up myself if I have not tried it. The value of the box is also pretty good – just the expression filler is more than the box, although it’s also the one product that I won’t be using.

The November box will be available for sale on 1 November, but from what I know, it sells out really quickly. I missed the pre-sale, so I will be one of those refreshing the website on 1 November to get my box. Will you be getting one too?


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