Review: Shara Shara Petit Friend Lovely Tint in Sexy Red

I picked up this lip tint on my recent trip to Korea – mainly because I was literally pulled into the shop by the sales assistant, and also because they held out a ‘free goodie’ to lure me in. But look at how adorable it is! I think Shara Shara’s target clients are of a younger age group – most of the products are very cutely packaged, as well as very colorful. The shade range is also very “on trend”, so it’s probably not a brand that you will want to go for neutral makeup. Today I’m reviewing the Shara Shara Petit Friend Lovely Tint in the shade Sexy Red.

I really like the packaging – so cute! It comes with a doe foot applicator which is both good and bad. I think this tint was meant for both the lips and the cheeks, so the doe foot applicator was great for the lips. On the cheeks, the doe foot applicator just deposits the wrong amount of product and there’s no way I could blend it out using the applicator. Most of the time, fingers work best for this kind of tints, but the applicator just deposits too little and leaves behind stroke marks.

The texture is slightly gel-like – it’s not as liquid as Benefit Benetint. I tried to blend it on my cheeks and it did not work out well – I could not blend it out quickly enough and had strokes on my cheeks, not the best look. It dries extremely quickly, and if you plan to use it on the cheeks it really has to be swiped and blended within the second, so I really will not recommend this to be used on the cheeks.

From Top Left anticlockwise – from nothing on my lips to 1 coat, 2 coat and 3 coats. On the lips, I would say the pigmentation is about light but can be built up with several coats for a darker pinkish red shade. I don’t think it can actually be built up to the color it looks on the bottle – I’ve tried layering up to 5 coats and it still has not reached that. For a tint, the lasting power is actually quite low – only about 3-4 hours. It’s also very lightweight – it’s not sticky so I almost don’t feel it on.

Negatives – this is actually quite drying on the lips; I find myself in need of a good lip balm after using this. Also, it’s not fair but I have to say that I was actually quite put off by the sales assistant of the shop; after pulling me into the shop, they took away the “free goodie” they used to lure me in because I only bought 1 item! It’s nothing to do with the product, but this kind of customer service pisses me off!

I wouldn’t actually recommend this product – for a tint meant for both the lips and cheeks, I think it’s one function short (impossible for the cheeks). The color pigmentation is also not very strong, and lasting power is pretty weak. On the lips, it’s can be quite drying. However, I do like the colour a lot – very wearable, and it’s very cheap – less than SGD10. I will keep using this because I like how it looks on me, but I will keep a good balm close by.

Rating: 2/5


2 thoughts on “Review: Shara Shara Petit Friend Lovely Tint in Sexy Red

    • argh for some reason i missed out your comments here!

      Yes the packaging is so cute! unfortunately the product is kinda a let down 😦 I think benetint does win this a lot more. I haven’t tried the pixie ones though… but i guess i can skip that now from your comments.. 🙂

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