Random Thoughts #12: Moving On

Dear readers, if you have been following this blog for a while, you might have noticed that I’ve been upset, really upset at work for quite some time. There’s been a ton of office politics that has nothing to do with the actual work – a lot of people leaving the company, no management oversight, infighting, mind games, badly communicated corporate decisions, with very inexperienced supervisors. I was also picked on at times, and it makes me feel sad because I have contributed a lot professionally. Now it pains me to go to work everyday and along the way, I have lost my mojo.

I am finally free. I have found a new job – a new challenge, something that’s indirectly related to what I’m doing now so I am not very sure if I am up to it. I’m terrified and excited. But I know if I don’t try, I may never know if I will be good at it. The pay is not much more and probably underpaid for the role, but I am inexperienced at it so I’m glad they gave me the chance to try and I think, it’s important to do something interesting and challenging rather than rot away doing something I hate.

I’m starting the new job in the new year so I might be posting less next year but while I’m serving out my notice, I should be posting a lot and regularly. I want to just share that life is short and I regret wasting the last 3 years at my current job – I was there for 5 years and I should have left after 2 years of learning what I could there and left when there was nothing more to learn. I stayed because I wanted regular work hours and my boss was nice to me. These are not good reasons to stay in a job because bosses can change (which happened), or their characters can change (which also happened), and regular work hours also make you a regular employee.

I wish that everyone will push for more in life. Let’s hope that everything will turn out well. πŸ™‚


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