Empties #14: October 2014 – Part 2

Hello! Welcome to Part 2 of going through my beauty trash in October! Writing about empties is actually pretty draining – because I do put in the time and energy to try to review as much as I can – that means trying to remember exactly what I felt about the product and then writing about it. A lot of times I don’t even remember because I wasn’t paying attention – and when it’s a tiny sample size, before you know it it’s used up and you have absolutely no clue what it did. Anyway, let’s get cracking on and see what I can remember about the rest of this October’s empties!

16. Elemis Freshskin Make-Up Away Cleansing Wipes
Not really a fan. This was pretty dry – but I’m not sure if maybe during shipping it dried out? Or if I had a bad packet? But it was pretty dry for me so pretty much not very useful.

17. Bye Dark Circle Hydro Gel Eye Masks x 2
Mentioned here. Also another ding. This did absolutely nothing for my panda-like eyebags.

18. Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque
I know it says mask, but I’ve been using this as a conditioner. I leave this on the ends of my hair for 2-3min and then wash it off – it works amazingly in making them nice and soft. I have chest-length hair and I won’t leave it anywhere above my shoulder as I find that it can make my hair feel quite greasy.

19. The Body Shop Lemongrass Deodorising Foot Spray
Okay, foot spray; not exactly exciting and great to read about. But I have sweaty feet so it’s nice to have a spray handy just in case I have to take off my shoes. I don’t think this worked really well though. Or maybe my feet are just too smelly. Oops.

20. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cleansing Oil
Reviewed here. A really good cleansing oil that I’ve enjoyed a lot; cleanses off makeup really well while leaving the skin really nice and soft. Would definitely repurchase.

21. REN Clarifying Toning Lotion
Reviewed here. I like it, but can’t use it on a daily basis as it dries out my very dry skin a little. Would repurchase when I finish my huge stock of toners.

22. Darlie All Shiny Enamel Care White Toothpaste
Toothpaste, not the most exciting topic. Keeps my teeth healthy, clean and my breath smelling good. I’m partial towards Sensodyne so I probably wouldn’t repurchase this.

23. Victoria Secret Sparkle Gloss Lip Shine
I really liked this; it’s slightly sticky but not too uncomfortable and gives off a nice shine with a bit of colour. It’s not used up yet but I just have to get rid of it – the tube has a huge crack down the sides and has been leaking lip gloss everywhere. What a shame.

24. Dr Jart Detox Healing Blemish Base Black Label
Another item that is not used up; something in this does not seem to agree with my skin and has been causing breakouts whenever I use it so out it goes.

25. L’oreal Super Liner
For some reason I can no longer find the exact same item in stores! Maybe it has been discontinued or repackaged, but it’s my favourite liquid liner. This has a felt tip that is extremely easy to control and goes on really black. I used to hate using liquid liner but this has changed everything.

26. Filthy Vanity Farmgirl Coffee Vanilla Vixen Soap
27. Lush Soap

A couple of soap bars that I’ve been trying to use up. I don’t know what soap the Lush one is as it was a freebie for buying a ton of bath bombs. I’m not a bar soap person as there’s no space for me in my toilet for a soap dish and I just find liquid soaps a lot more convenient and a lot less messy.

So that’s it for my October empties! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post; have you used up anything this month?


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