Review: Oilatum Cream

A quick review today on the Oilatum Cream; I’ve had this for a few months and am more than half way through. I first heard about this on the Pixiwoo youtube channel – Nic used this a lot in her videos in the past; we have similar skin types so I just had to get one for myself and try! Plus it was really reasonably priced; I can’t remember the exact price but I’m pretty sure I got it for less than SGD20 for this 40g tube.

Claims on the packaging:
An emollient used in the relief of dry, sensitive skin and it is suitable for people allergic to lanolin. It is particularly beneficial if applied immediately after washing to counteract the loss of essential oils from the skin. Suitable for adults and children. it is non-comedogenic so it is suitable for use on the face.

The product seems to be a very simple with no frills whatsoever. It does not claim to have anti-aging properties or help healing. All it says is that it is for the relief of dry, sensitive skin. The ingredients list is also pretty short, honestly one of the shortest I’ve seen in a while.

Water, Petrolatum, Cetearyl alcohol, Mineral oil, Glycerin, PEG-20 stearate, PVP, Benzyl alcohol, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid.

I know there’s petrolatum, mineral oil, and alcohol in the list, and some people might be screaming “that’s bad for you!”. But I have seen no side effects on me, and I have also read tons of reports that says it’s okay to have them because they’re generally safe and they’re cheap. I don’t know enough science to take a stand, but my skin tells me that it’s okay with it and that’s all I care.

Like the product, the packaging is very simple, in a squeeze tube with a screw on cap. There’s simply no frills about it. The texture is very thick and feels quiet heavy on the skin. It does sink into the skin, and does not feel too oily or sticky but I can feel it on my skin at all times. It will get oily if I step out with this on my face during the day – but that said I live in a tropical climate, so it might fare better in a colder place. I did not break out, or have any sensitive reaction.

As mentioned in an earlier midweek peek, I like this for when my skin is feeling extraordinarily parched and in need of something thick and soothing. This does the job perfectly, leaving it calm and seems to trap moisture in; flaky bits begone. On a normal day, I find this too thick even for my very dry skin. If you have oily skin, stay away. But honestly, if you have oily skin I’m not sure why you even want to buy this? I think the product does what it says; it’s very unpretentious and simple and I like it for that.

Rating: 4/5


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