Review: Pibugonggam G Facial Scrub

Enter one of the shortest reviews on my blog – since this is quite an obscure brand and I am not sure where you can find it if you want it, I shall not make too much fuss about it. I got this from a Memebox, and the product card claims that it costs US$13 for 50g of this product. 50g is not a lot – it’s quite a small tube, so my first impression is that it’s pretty overpriced.

Product Description:
This scrub is made from natural scrub ingredients – orange and tangerine peels – and works to exfoliate gently without stimulating the skin. The vitamin rich grapefruit, sea buckhorn, red poppy petals and aronia extracts rejuvenate and cleanse the skin all at once.

The scrub smells really nice, with its citrus-scents. It’s runnier than most face scrubs that I’ve used so I tend to use a lot more than normal at one go – lending to its faster depletion than usual. The scrub bits are very soft, so soft that it doesn’t feel like a scrub. There’s not much friction there, which I think for some with sensitive skin will love, but for me I don’t feel like I’ve had a nice scrub out of it.

Bottom line, it feels like a normal face wash and I wouldn’t spend US$13 on it nor go out of the way to find it. It’s not bad as a face wash and I love the smell, and could be a great scrub with people with very sensitive skin as it’s very gentle. But I like my physical face scrubs with a little more oomph.

Rating: 3/5


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