Random Thoughts #13: Change is Coming

Not sure how many of you have noticed this, but I have been tinkering with my blog, moving things around, adding categories/sections/links and basically just trying to edit it the way I want it be – with a proper ‘filing’ system so that it’s easier to navigate. I’m a little OCD like that.

Along with my new job, I’m also changing a little of what I will be writing about. There’s been some things that I’ve always wanted to write about or share, but just didn’t have the time and I don’t want to talk about some of these things lightly. You might say that it’s sharing knowledge or just a conversation with myself as I learn about some of these things too along the way.

I actually really love to write. It was my childhood dream to be a writer, not a number cruncher. In the end I followed my head and did what I excelled in naturally, which is dealing with numbers, instead of following my heart. So I diverted from my real dream.

Now is my chance to really write. I will write anything to my heart desire. I’m just not sure – should I write it here, or start a new blog to write about all other non-beauty topics? I’ve given this quite a lot of thought and I thought it’s simpler to just add the new stuff into this blog. What do you think?


On another note, while I was thinking of how to revamp this blog, I decided to take a look at some of my old posts. Some of my old “random thoughts” left me feeling… well, not very good. I felt that I did not do what I said to do last year – that I have continued to let myself degenerate.

I need to push myself harder, and to run faster. Let’s hope next year this time, I would be better, stronger and most importantly, much happier.


Please let know if you have any thoughts/comments!


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