Random Thoughts #14: Stranded in Paradise

Have received a couple of comments lately on my blog but I have not been able to respond at all… so sorry! Just wanted to give a quick update that I’m actually stranded in paradise…

I’m currently stuck in Boracay, a small island in the Philippines, with a typhoon of warning signal 2 headed towards us, or rather pretty near us. All boats leaving the island has been suspended, and all flights out has been cancelled. I was supposed to fly out earlier but since it’s an island, there’s no way out of here. I’m not really sure to be happy that I’m stuck here in a beautiful hotel or be scared.

The worst part of the typhoon is suppose to pass by tonight – so all activities in the hotel has been halted, including dinner service! So the hotel is bringing us packed dinner and we are supposed to stay indoors from 7pm when the worst part of the impact hits. All the TV networks are down, but amazingly the internet and electricity are still working though I’m not sure for how long. We’ve lost electricity for short periods of time through the last 2 days so hopefully it won’t get too bad.

It’s been raining the whole day today and the trees are swaying so hard with the waves looking increasingly strong. Did I mention the hotel is right by the beach? Most of the rooms with glass doors and big glass windows on the lower floors have been boarded up with sandbags at various stairways.

I’ve never experienced typhoons before so now I’m getting a little bit of what it feels like. I’m glad that we’re not directly in the path of the typhoon and I’m thankful that I’m staying in a nice hotel where it actually feels pretty safe with all the precautions that I can see the staff taking. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the people living in the areas that are directly in the path of the typhoon, or in little shacks that won’t hold up as well. It must be very terrifying in their shoes. I hope that they can stay safe.

Meanwhile, hope everyone had a great week! Stay safe!


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