Unboxing: Memebox Super Luckybox #11

I’m going to apologise right now but there will be a ton of unboxing over the next few days – I have a mountain of beauty boxes that suddenly all arrived at the same time! It’s like Christmas came early for me, I love opening up these mystery beauty boxes to find out what’s in them and try them all out but hopefully it won’t be too boring for you readers!

I bought this individually at USD23, with another USD6.99 for shipping from Korea. The shipping date for this was fixed on 26 November and I received this on 1 December.

What is Memebox?
Memebox is a non-subscription mystery beauty box company. Each regular Memebox comes with 4 to 8 full-sized or deluxe sample of Korean products, while Superbox comes with only full sized products. Shipping dates are set by the company; check the product description for information about when the box is scheduled to start shipping.

Memebox Super Luckybox #11
We’re back with a Super Luckybox #11! Packed with only the best selling and top rated beauty goodies in all of K-beauty history, this box will surely make you a Memebox believer! If you’re feeling lucky, take this chance to get in our biggest beauty hits!

Item 1: Too Cool for School Mcgirly Good Morning Rice Wash Set 2g x 10 ea
Full size, 2g x 10ea. Value of $6.
Product Description: Formulated with fermented rice bran, oatmeal, black tree fungus, and portulaca extracts, this wash provides rich nutrition and amino acids to sagging and dehydrated skin. A simple 10 second cleansing session with this is all you need to replenish, firm, and brighten up the complexion!
Quick thoughts: As a kid, my godma told me all about the benefits of using rice water – so we used to keep the water used to wash rice for use later. It sounds icky but I never had any skin reaction from using those water! Anyway, I’m excited to try this – less effort and a lot cleaner than using water that’s already been used to wash rice!

Item 2: Soy BIO+ Fermented Lumpoule
5ml x 2 ea. Value of $24.29.
Full size product is 5ml x 14ea, with value of $170.
Product Description: This “Lumpoule” is a word combining two words – lump and ampoule. It is basically a facial ampoule made from real Korean fermented soy bean lump. It’ll work to prevent formation of fine lines and wrinkles and also brighten up your overall complexion.
Quick thoughts: I’ve wanted this since I saw this in someone else’s unboxing in another box and I’m so glad that they included this one! This will be in my testing rotation very soon.

Item 3: REVECEN Face Control Foundation in #002 Violet
Full size, 17g. Value of $22.
Product Description: The product card showed the wrong product so I have no description for this item, but this was also in Memebox CutiePieMarzia Collaboration #2.
Quick thoughts: Although the colour is a really scary full on purple, I’ve read reviews that it actually turns out alright if you’re fair enough, so that sounds interesting! I’m actually happy that they included this item instead of the lip balm shown on the product card.

Item 4: Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack
Full size, 180ml. Value of $16.
Product Description: Use this nourishing treatment pack twice a week to deliver deep nutrition and repair and protect damaged hair ends.
Quick thoughts: I don’t get many hair products from Memebox, or any other beauty boxes, so I’m really happy to get this! I’m not one to pay special attention to my hair – I usually don’t even comb it, so this will be a great addition and reminder to do something to my hair.

Item 5: TheYeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-one Serum
Full size, 100ml, Value of $20.
Product Description: TheYeon’s Jeju Hallabong series boosts its organic formula with “Hallabong” – a special type of orange cultivated only in the Jeju island and best loved for bursting with vitamin C. Infused with other Jeju organic ingredients such as kiwi, brocolli, and aloe vera, this serum works to replenish, soften and protect the skin.
Quick thoughts: Another item that I’ve seen in other boxes and I wanted it, and now I’ve got it! Loads of organic ingredients, and vitamin C. Can’t wait to try this!

Item 6: Dr. G Bling Bling Cream SPF35 PA++
Full size, 45ml. Value of $24.
Product Description: This coats thinly over skin and leaves a silky soft texture and a radiant glow that do not darken or melt down as the day goes on. A blend of hyaluronic acid and rose extracts hydrate and rejuvenate the dryness, sage leaf extracts control excessive sebum secretion which help maintain flawless silkiness of the skin. It only comes in a single skin tone which means it offers a natural coverage and a tone brightening effect suitable for all fair and Asian skin.
Quick thoughts: I guess this is supposed to be a BB cream? The ingredients seem to be very hydrating, and claims to give a “radiant glow” – a glow is what I look for all the time, so I will be trying this to see if it delivers on its claims.

The value of this box came up to USD112.29 versus USD23 for the individual box. While Memebox usually inflates the prices on the product card, I still think the box is more than worth the USD23 I paid.

I’m really happy about this box – I bought it because instead of the usual luckybox, they called it the “super” luckybox. How could I not get a box that’s called “super luckybox”??

I do think that the products in this box are great – many of the items are stuff that I’ve seen in other Memebox unboxing and really wished I had, and now I do! Every item is suitable for me and will be tried/used so it definitely lived up to my expectations of a “super luckybox”.

What do you think of this box?

Here are some December Discount Codes good till 12/31/14 :
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2. $5 off on orders above $100: AFFILIATE-8731-6255K-ASPY
3. $10 off on orders above $150: AFFILIATE-0038-IZYH7-AHMA

*Products are 100% paid for by me. Affiliate links are used in this post.


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