Unboxing: Memebox Special #66 Petit Treasures

I don’t usually go for cute themes or cute product items because I am a ‘little’ too old for such stuff or be seen holding them, but I was a little depressed back then when this box was out, and I bought everything in sight, which explains why I bought a lot of boxes with themes that I wouldn’t usually get. My house is now overflowing with so much products that I will have to sleep on top of my beauty products soon. Anyway, let’s get back to the box!

I bought this as a value set with the Memebox Special #67 Blackout! – so I only had to pay one standard shipping for 2 boxes with free upgrade to express shipping. The shipping date was fixed on 2 December and I received this on 6 December. The set of 2 boxes cost me USD38, plus another USD6.99 for shipping from Korea. Individually, it’s priced at USD19, plus another USD6.99 for standard shipping.

What is Memebox?
Memebox is a non-subscription mystery beauty box company. Each regular Memebox comes with 4 to 8 full-sized or deluxe sample of Korean products, while Superbox comes with only full sized products. Shipping dates are set by the company; check the product description for information about when the box is scheduled to start shipping.

Memebox Special #66 Petit Treasures
Yes, we know. We’re going overboard with our cute cosmetics obsession. But, what can we say? We’ve discovered another batch of rare but beautiful treasures that will give you an A+ in beauty, and this time, they’re all miniatures! So petite and cute, yet so intense and effective, these beautifying trinkets will fit your makeup pouch so that you can stay beautiful everyday and everywhere.

Item 1: Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher in Warm Apricot
Full size, Value of $7.
Randomly selected from PK01 Pale Pink & OR01 Warm Apricot.
Product Description: Adorably cute and petite in its packing, this blusher is extremely long-lasting with silica components to maintain your skin soft and silky. Plus, it’s very easy to carry around and will be perfect for quick makeup fix-ups or finish-ups by adding some color and radiance to your pale cheeks.
Quick thoughts: I really don’t like peach/orange blush shades on me, but somehow Memebox always chooses to give me the peach/orange blush shades! A little disappointed on the color, though the texture is really nice and smooth.

Item 2: Recipe by Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss in 02 Sweet Fiona
Full size, 6g. Value of $5.
Product Description: A lip essence gloss that melts onto lips like ice cream and leaves it moist and supple. The non-sticky formula is sweetly scented with hints of fruitiness and delivers rich moisture and nutrition to dry, chapped lips. The darker emerald swirl is the gloss part and the lighter, sheer emerald swirl is the essence part enriched with jojoba seed oil, argan oil and grape seed oil.
Quick thoughts: This looks just like an ice cream cone! It’s insanely cute but I do have a ton of lip glosses to go through so this will most likely go into the holiday gifting box.

Item 3: ddung Lovely Girl Mascara
Full size, 7ml. Value of $24.
Product Description: Yet another lovely mascara for your pouch – this has a long-lasting lash lengthening formula. It washes off with water or foam cleanser, peeling off easily with a gentle rub.
Quick thoughts: I actually find the packaging a little creepy rather than cute. Haven’t tried this yet and I don’t want to open the tube because I have a few mascaras to run through first and don’t want to expose it to air and germs. The mascara is a little skinny so I wonder how the wand looks.

Item 4: Shara Shara Revital Magic Cream
Full size, 45g. Value of $16.
Product Description: This is the ultimate skin soothing and repairing formula enriched with eucalyptus oil and over 40 different herbal extracts. It’s gentle, non-sticky and helps smoothen and erase signs of blemish scars and uneven skin texture while brightening and firming the skin for a more youthful-looking complexion. Free of benzophenone, mineral oil, alcohol, artificial fragrances.
Quick thoughts: The packing on this product is quite cute to me, but the product itself looks mehhh. The shelf life is pretty short too – expires on 21 July 2015.

The value of this box came up to USD52 versus USD19 for the individual box. I think I might be spoilt by past Memeboxes, but this did not live up to my expectations. On a value basis, it’s still worth the USD19 I paid, but it’s just not as exciting as I hope it would be. Plus, after getting 6-7 items for USD23 boxes, getting only 4 items in these USD19 boxes makes me feel like they should have had one more item. But I’m greedy like that.

What do you think of this box?

Here are some December Discount Codes good till 12/31/14 :
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*Products are 100% paid for by me. Affiliate links are used in this post.


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