Review: Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips in Berry Bomb

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms are one of my favourite tinted lip balms in the market, so when I saw these Electro Pop versions popping up in stores, I had to grab one. There are 6 shades available in total, with only 4 being sold in Singapore, but I have enough Baby Lips to last me a few years so amazingly I managed to exercise some restrain and only picked up the purple one in shade Berry Bomb.

Claims on website:
No More Basic Lip Balm!
8HR Hydration with a Neon Kick
Electric color pigments in our exclusive lip renew formula

I like the packaging – it’s very light and plastic so it does feel cheap – but it is cheap! I think the color and font of the text is cute and lively. I also like that the cover is transparent, with the wordings on the tube matching the lip balm shade so it’s easy to tell them apart. These have a light fruity scent.

Berry Bomb looks like a bright scary neon purple in the tube, but it applies very lightly on – just giving a light hint of color. On my lips, it adds a light purplish pink tint, nowhere near what it looks like in the tube; it looks very natural and adds a hint of ‘juiciness’ and sheen to my lips.

I love how these feel on the lips – very smooth, with enough slip but not too oily, and feels moisturising on the lips. I don’t think these live up to the “8hrs hydration” as claimed, but I also lick my lips a lot, so nothing will really stay on for 8hrs on me. It also doesn’t look neon to me – it’s only neon in the tube.

Final thoughts? I’m a big fan of Maybelline Baby Lips – I love how moisturizing they are, and this Electro Pop version was no different. It didn’t give the “neon” colours as shown in the tube, but that also means that it’s easier to use – I don’t have to be careful about the colour feathering outside the lip line, and it’s more flexible for everyday. It’s also very affordable – I can’t remember the price exactly but it was less than S$10. So this one was another win for me!

Rating: 4/5


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