Unboxing: Memebox Colorbox #6 Pastel Hues

My third Colorbox from Memebox… and I suspect it will be the last. Let’s just get on with it because these colorboxes are really making me pissed off with Memebox. But, I must say that this is the least annoying colorbox out of all 3 that I’ve bought.

I bought this as a value set with the Memebox Colorbox #4 and Memebox Colorbox #5 – I only had to pay one standard shipping for 3 boxes with free upgrade to express shipping. The shipping date was fixed on 16 December and I received this on 23 December. The set of 3 boxes cost me USD30 (with a buy 2 get 1 free deal), plus another USD6.99 for shipping from Korea. Individually, it’s priced at USD15, plus another USD6.99 for standard shipping.

What is Memebox?
Memebox is a non-subscription mystery beauty box company. Each regular Memebox comes with 4 to 8 full-sized or deluxe sample of Korean products, while Superbox comes with only full sized products. Shipping dates are set by the company; check the product description for information about when the box is scheduled to start shipping.

Memebox Colorbox #6 Pastel Hues
Thinking pastel shades are for wallflowers? This season, pastel colors have gone totally badass and edgy! Wear these universally pastel perfections on the eyes, lips and face to brighten up the complexion and add a mouthwatering punch of color! Depending on how much you layer on, you can go from girl-next-door to full on vamp for a wide range of looks! With a pinkish pout, soft pastel eyes, a simple wash of color on the face, there’s virtually no room for error!

Item 1: Revecen Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in #11 Apricot Pink
Full size, 7ml. Value of $16.
Randomly selected from #02 Peach Orange and #11 Apricot Pink.
Product Description: Enriched with olive oil, this creates delicately glittering and plump lips while leaving lips super moist and supple without being sticky at all.
Quick thoughts: A very light pink gloss with more shine than colour, this feels quite comfortable and pretty on, even a little moisturising, without being oily or sticky. This will be used.

Item 2: Revecen Color Eye Shadow in B167 Pearl Turquoise
Full size, 3.1g. Value of $10.
Randomly selected from B102 Pearl Light Salmon, B167 Pearl Turquoise
Product Description: Formulated with various moisturising minerals, Revecen’s Color Eye Shadows are highly adhesive, water-proof, smudge-proof and produce rich pigment payoff with a long-lasting silky touch. To be worn alone or blend in with complimentary shades.
Quick thoughts: Quite a nice turqoise green shade with very smooth pigmentation, a little sheen but not too metallic or shimmery. I like this one, and this is kind of “pastel” I guess.

Item 3: Revecen Perfect Star Powder in #08 Yellow
Full size, 3g. Value of $11.
Randomly selected from #03 Pink, #08 Yellow, #10 Light Brown, #14 Ivory
Product Description: Designed with the perfect mix of color and shine, this creates dramatic light-catching effects and brings instant sophistication to any makeup look. Layer it on top of contrasting eye shadow colors to create unique multi-dimensional effects, or use it alone for instant elegance!
Quick thoughts: Another pretty nice eyeshadow – I received yellow but it applies more shimmery gold. It’s actually not bad but it’s not very “pastel” to me.

Item 4: Revecen Face Control Foundation in #001 Mint
Full size, 17g. Value of $22.
Randomly selected from #001 Mint and #000 Light Yellow
Product Description: This works to cover up skin imperfections and light up dull, darkened skin tone for a more refined, evenly balanced, and healthier looking finish. Plus, it contains natural preservatives such as green tea extracts and magnolia extracts, and thus gentle and suitable for all skin types.
Quick thoughts: Erm, a green foundation? Okay this will be quite interesting to try; I’ve also read about how green counteracts red, which I have quite a bit of on my face, so I will try this out. Plus, it does look pastel green in the pot!

The total value of the box came up to $59, versus the $36.99 I paid for all 3 colorboxes, which makes it about $12.33 a box. While the value of this box was the lowest out of the 3 colorboxes, this is actually the one that I liked the most. There are a couple of items that actually matches the color theme (finally!), and the products are quite nice. Also, like the other 2 colorboxes, this is basically a brand box from Revecen since everything is from that brand.

As mentioned, I liked this the most out of all 3 colorboxes – at least there were some things that were actually in line with the theme, which the other 2 lacked. Still, I don’t think I will be getting any more colorboxes for awhile now, if they ever launch it again.

Here are some December Discount Codes good till 12/31/14 :
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2. $5 off on orders above $100: AFFILIATE-8731-6255K-ASPY
3. $10 off on orders above $150: AFFILIATE-0038-IZYH7-AHMA

*Products are 100% paid for by me. Affiliate links are used in this post.


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