Happy 2015, Farewell 2014 and a Little Life Update

Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop a little note to wish everyone a great 2015!

Ive actually been away for the past week on our annual ski trip, so thanks to all who commented on my prescheduled posts, i’m sorry that i haven’t been able to respond – having too much fun!

Anyway 2014 started out feeling like one of my worst years ever – work was a disaster, a lot of horrible backstabbing people around me, a few times i really wanted to break down at work.

But, now that its at an end, it seems like its turned out quite well actually. Because i was upset at work, i took 9 short trips and long vacations to get away. Because of all the bad people i met, i also made a few true friends who fought with me. Because of how i was so upset about my situation, i finally pluck up the courage to leave the place that ive been saying i would leave for years.

And now, my bf just proposed. πŸ™‚

So, on hindsight 2014 has turned out to be a smashing great year! Theres a reason why everything happens; look on the bright side and if something really hurts you, do something about it – it might be the perfect opportunity to change for the better!

So, once again, i hope everyone will have an amazing 2015, stay safe, be healthy and happy, and be true to yourself!


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