Final Swatch #12: NARS And God Created Woman

I went through quite a bit of trouble a year or two ago to find this palette – the NARS And God Created Woman palette, and loved it I did for a good while. In fact one of the shades have even hit serious pan! However with one gorgeous shade down (Kalahari) – and it was my favourite shade in the whole palette, I find myself reaching out for the palette much less.

The pigmentation of the palette in general is pretty good – swatches are taken without primer. The one issue I had with the palette was that there were only 2 mid-tone shades, Kalahari and Bellisima, and three very dark-toned shades. I didn’t find it as flexible as it could be – with 6 shades there could have been a lot more eye looks but it was limited by the number of very dark shades.

Coincidentally NARS created a second version of this recently, with the same shades but with a different configuration. A friend of mine really wanted to get it but a quick conversation ended in me gifting my older version to her – she just wanted to try it and didn’t mind it being used, and I didn’t want it anymore. It was a timely match and a loving farewell to this palette.


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