Haul: Boosting the Japanese Economy

Hi! I’m back with a HUGE haul! I got all of these back in the last week of 2014, right before my major beauty budget scheme! Yes, I am sneaky like that! So back in December, I went to Japan for our annual ski trip. Since I am the worst skier in the world, I actually only spent a day on the slopes… and the rest of the time in the onsen (hot spring baths), eating kaiseki, and… beauty shopping!

So on the first day of a new year, all the shops have this amazing huge blow out sale – they come in little bags called Lucky Bags. It’s like a mystery beauty box, except that it comes in a plastic bag. It was amazing! I managed to grab a few that turned up in my local beauty store even before the new year. They usually go really fast on new year’s day itself, so I was incredibly lucky to be able to find some that popped out before the new year. All the lucky bags were incredibly discounted. What I got in my lucky bags – about 20 sheet masks for SGD6, and a 5 K-palette items for under SGD25.

We spent most of our trip in Hokkaido, but the last 3 days in Tokyo; so I managed to make a few quick runs to the department stores and grabbed some items from a few brands that I really wanted – 2 lip items from Addiction and an eye palette from Three. I also grabbed some drugstore/local products from a three-storey huge beauty drugstore – a cleansing oil, a trial kit from Astalift, some lashes, eye masks, facial oil, facial cleansing soap, and a few other knick knacks. Then finally a Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil from the Duty Free store at the airport.

So, this rounds off my last mega haul for some time! Did anything catch your eye?


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