The Bridezilla Chronicles Vol. 1

If you’ve paid attention an earlier post, I mentioned that the bf (now fiance), proposed! So I said yes – obviously, or there wouldn’t be this post – yada yada, fireworks and all. But now excitement and giddiness aside and the champagne’s drunk, I have to say that we have absolutely no clue what to do now. Yes, I have the (insanely beautiful) ring. But what next?

Unlike a lot of women, I have never thought of what I wanted for my wedding. I was always the odd one out amongst my girlfriends when they talked about the ring that they wanted, the kind of wedding reception to hold, and all their expectations… I never really thought about them; to me, I just want to be happy! Of course, I want to get married – but with 2 older sisters who have had marital problems, I think who I’m marrying is a lot more important to me than how I’m marrying!

Or at least that was what I thought before I got the ring! So, now that I have the ring, I’m feeling excited! And scared! And worried! What do I do? Do I have enough time? Where do I start? I’m not even starting at the same baseline as all my friends who have spent years of their life dreaming up their perfect wedding! What about me!?! The one thing that I’m so glad about is that the fiance managed to pick up an amazing ring without any inputs from me! I think I got lucky there!

So just like any decent researcher, which is what I do in my day job, I decided to buy a few magazines for research purposes and see where they bring me. I thought this whole wedding planning process will be interesting to write down – even for myself. When the wedding is over, I can read back and see all the things that I’ve done, and maybe laugh at it! From planning, dieting, everything!

This is just the beginning…


3 thoughts on “The Bridezilla Chronicles Vol. 1

  1. Oh good luck! Planning can be a lot of fun and also stressful but hopefully mostly fun for you. You should go to a bridal show sometime, they have lots of free stuff, and wedding cake. Nom, nom, nom! Oh and free champagne! πŸ™‚

      • Oh no problem! πŸ™‚ Sometimes I miss a comment here and there, it happens. I actually don’t like the new changes wordpress as made with the notifications.

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