Final Swatch #11: Wet & Wild Walking on Eggshells Color Icon Trio

I bought into the whole Wet & Wild eyeshadows craze a couple of years ago and bought nearly every single palette out there. It was a little crazy – the eyeshadows were good, but honestly some of the colors were way off or had so much similarities to shades that I already owned. I’ve been going through my makeup recently and decided to part with some of these palettes.

The first to go is the Wet & Wild Walking on Eggshells Color Icon Trio. The formula is really lovely, very nice and buttery smooth; it is slightly powdery but a little tap on the brush to get rid of excess powder before applying it to the eye solves the problem of fallouts. The pigmentation is also great – all the colors shows up well on me with or without primer. Swatch photo above is without a primer.

I didn’t have a problem with this palette – except that I have way too many palettes with similar shades. This is great for a day or work makeup, paired with some liner. It’s also not something that I can safely bring out as the softness of the eyeshadow makes it feel really fragile and tend to break easily, so it is often left behind and kind of neglected in my makeup drawer.

This little one now belongs to a lovely buyer who hopefully will make more use of it, and give it a little more loving, than I did.


2 thoughts on “Final Swatch #11: Wet & Wild Walking on Eggshells Color Icon Trio

  1. I’m with you, I tried out a bunch of the Wet & Wild palettes and wasn’t crazy about them. They were ok, but certainly not MAC quality or anything. I found I would get a lot of fallout with them. Also, the trios would often have all shimmery and no matte shades. I think Walking on Eggshells was one of the better ones I tried but overall I felt kind of “meh” about them.

    • Yeah, they’re good but really not as great as all that hype… now I still have a cupboard full of the really funky coloured ones (bright green, anyone?) that I can’t get rid off and cant bear to throw them!

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