$avvy $undays #4: Avoiding the Upsell/Bundle Deals and Buy What You Want To Get More

I have to admit that I used to be one of those people who always fall for the upsell. Give me a bundle deal, or tell me that I just need to top up a certain amount of money to get a higher quality item, and I would always choose to take it – even if I don’t need anything else that is bundled with the item that I really need, or that I don’t really know if the so-called better quality item is really any better.

It always sound like a fantastic deal to me until lately, while I was going through my beauty stash, I found a lot of random products from the same beauty brands and it hit me. I have so many similar products, or products from the same brands because I always, always bought “deals”; such as “buy the second one at half price”, even though it takes me years to finish the first, or “buy up to a certain amount to get a gift”… which are things that I never really wanted or needed.

And it’s not just about makeup. Everywhere we go, companies are trying to upsell us. I once bought a Groupon deal for a haircut and treatment at a famous hair salon, and when I got there they recommended topping up another $30 for a higher quality treatment – and I immediately said yes. I honestly don’t know the difference between the 2 treatments, but “$30” does not seem to be too much and I have forgotten about the $100+ already paid for the deal… while I would have thought twice if faced with the option of paying $130 for a treatment, which was ultimately the total cost.

Or even at the fastfood restaurant – “just pay $1 to upsize your fries”. Sure, it’s only another $1. But almost always, I can never finish the large fries and even if I could, I shouldn’t have eaten that much fries! Or “get a hair spray for another $5 with that shampoo”… I never use hairspray so whilst the full price is maybe $20, and it seems like I’ve saved $15 by buying it, I actually just wasted $5.

That’s the biggest problem with upselling or bundle deals – oftentimes it seems like we are getting a great deal; after all, what’s a small percentage more if I am already paying a certain amount? But if you think about it, even if it was 10% more for another full size item, if I end up not using it then it’s 10% gone. I would have been better off keeping that 10% and buying something else that I wanted.

So the next time you’re faced with these situations, take a moment and think hard – do you really want it, when was the last time you actually used a similar item, and do you know what you’re being sold? I think a lot of it is because we’re faced with having to make a quick decision – like whether or not to choose the upgrade, and it’s so hard to think rationally when a salesperson is breathing down your neck and pressuring you to take it. Don’t fall for it. Take a moment to think if you would have paid full price for it – if you wouldn’t, then the chances are you don’t want/need it.

How do you avoid the upsell or bundle deals?

Image Credit: @Doug88888


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