Unboxing: Lip Factory Nov 14 + Dec 14

Hello everyone! I have my first, and last, unboxing of the LipFactory box (well, two of them). This box is quite expensive for an international subscriber, at USD32, so I didn’t try out this subscription service until October 2014. Unfortunately, October 2014 was when Lip Factory had their supplier problems and subsequently had to close down because of it in December. They are now officially closed.

Honestly I’m not too upset about them closing down – my whole experience with them was totally horrible. The only time they communicated with me was when I filed paypal claims since their website mysteriously disappeared, and they had not mailed out my November box and already deducted the December box. They did not send any messages on whether the products will be sent, or even bothered to inform subscribers that they were closing down.

If they ever decide to return, stay away. I’m actually one box short, because somehow one line of my mailing address was left out, so it was shipped back to them and never came back. Also, as an international subscriber, I paid for shipping. So I expect my boxes to be mailed as and when it is supposed to be shipped – instead of paying for 2 months of shipping, and having to wait for 2 months because they wanted to save money on shipping and mail both boxes together.

There were no product cards, or any explanation to the products. They clearly didn’t care by then, or maybe they never had product cards? I don’t know but I am not impressed. It’s rare that I’m so upset with a beauty box, but this was not cheap at USD32 a month inclusive of international shipping.

The products are all full size and 2 months of products are as below:
1) bellapierre cosmetics Lipstick in Cat Walk
2) Model Co Eyeliner in Black 01
3) Glazel Eyeshadow in 49
4) Palladio Shadow & Liner Herbal Crayon in Champagne
5) J Cat Twist and Kiss Hydrating Lip Balm in French Kiss
6) Supercute Lip Gloss in Love
7) Supercute Lip Gloss in Happiness
8) LA Splash Lip Gloss on Barely There
9) Girlactik Pout Shine in Pretty
10) Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil in Sweet Velvet

Some swatches of the lip products, in sequence above (but LA Splash is not swatched as I don’t want to unseal it). My favourite is the bellapiere lipstick – very pretty, natural, everyday shade, followed by the Mirabella lip pencil, which is a really lovely medium pink shade. The supercute lip gloss looks cute too.

The J Cat Lip Balm is the ugliest colour I have come across in a very long time – it is mud colour. Seriously. The Girlactik lip gloss makes me look like a 5 year old zombie – shimmering pale pink. I have a suspicion that the LA Splash one will be zombie shade on me as well.

The non lip products are just too random… why one black eyeliner, one white eyeliner and one green eyeshadow? What is going on here? I think they just decided, hey since we are closing down, why not screw with our clients for one last time?

I just have no words for this box. I’m so disappointed – these 10 items costs me about S$80+ and a lot of trauma. Add another S$40+ for the missing box, it adds up to S$120++ for all these crap. It’s really not worth it. I know I’m being really mean and a small person in saying this… but I’m kind of glad that they closed down so they cannot inflict any more harm on unsuspecting clients.


One thought on “Unboxing: Lip Factory Nov 14 + Dec 14

  1. The reason the nov/dec boxes didn’t have info cards is because they’re all older stock. Pretty much all of these have been in boxes before in some form/shade/style. You could always do a charge back for the October box, since they technically never fulfilled it

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