Unboxing: Memebox January Box

This is my final box from Memebox – as the company has decided to desert all its international customers in favour of the US, China and domestic Korea customers, so I will no longer be able to get these pink boxes and reveal their contents. I am so upset with them that I cannot even be bothered to take a clear picture (above). Whatever. Just to warn whoever plans to read this post, it will get rant-y and angsty so just click off if you’d like to read a happy post, I would totally understand.

I am angry and upset at them, but what can I do? I understand that the US and Chinese market are the two largest economies in the world, so if they win over them, they have no more need for the rest of us; it’s a business decision. But I just can’t help thinking that they clearly have terrible business planning. If they couldn’t deal with the business growth globally, why launch their own line of makeup in the process as well? Why not solve the outstanding problems, and then launch their own line? In the end they ended up with a crap box and a crap makeup line.

I must say that I really didn’t expect this. Yes, the quality of their boxes have been falling rapidly – there used to be 6-7 full size items in their boxes, but now most of them comes with 5. Their box launches have been extremely erratic these days – with a flood of boxes followed by a total vacuum, then followed by a flood of boxes. I don’t know what kind of planning this is. It was sheer madness. Prices have increased quite a lot lately, along with the shipping costs.

I think in the end, they thought it was easier to blame it on external factors (shipping and customs), rather than look at what went wrong in the company. I’ve read a few posts and they mentioned that it was not the first time that they’ve restricted global shipping; obviously they have learnt nothing from past experiences. I am truly disappointed with this company. And also with myself…

After months of purchasing their boxes, I have accumulated a giant mountain of products. They are all made in Korea, but most of them are not popular in Korea at all. When I went to Korea last year, I could not find some of the products/brands at all. I mean, I can understand “interesting and niche”, but some of the brands they brought out was clearly not in the radar of any Koreans. I feel quite stupid to have bought so many but I like the surprise factor. Argh, now I feel like an idiot.

What is Memebox?
Memebox is a really useless non-subscription mystery beauty box company. They used to ship globally, but has as of February 2015 decided to dump all their global customers, and choose only to serve the US, China and Korea. Their rationale is that there have been too many problems with shipping globally, but the truth is their customer service has been terrible all along, and that they would prefer to hide than solve their problems.

Memebox January Box
This used to be called the Global box, but since they have decided they no longer wanted the rest of us, they have renamed the box “January Box”. Right, whatever. Memebox you are so pathetic.

1. Secret Nature Moringa Seed Toner 130ml ($31)
2. Pureplus+ Acai Berry Bubble Cleansing Foam 80ml ($12)
3. Mimi Lauryne’s Beauty Lesson Hand Cream 50ml ($17)

Sadly I have to say items like the Secret Nature toner makes me sad about having no more Memebox; but luckily I live in Asia so it won’t be too tough to get it. The good thing about having no more Memeboxes is that I will no longer receive a bloody hand cream in every damn box.

0. Syndrome Cosmetic Pouch Sample: CB Cream Gold 1gx2
0. Syndrome Cosmetic Pouch Sample: CB Revitalising Fermentation Essence 1gx2

I won’t even count these as part of the box. These are teeny sachets. Plus, “CB” is actually a vulgar word if you tried to say it in Singapore.

4. Esthetic House Vitamin 3000 Vitamin C Vita-Capsule Cream 30ml ($24)
Let’s see how many times I can squeeze the word Vita in a product name. Supposed to help fade pigmentation and dark spots.

5. The Choute Aurora Pearl Base 30ml ($18)
This is actually quite pretty – I tried it on my hands. But I don’t often use a base so not sure if this will actually get used.

That’s it. No, I will not bother to elaborate on the products like I usually do, because why bother? By the way, don’t trust any of the prices in the brackets – Memebox have a tendency to hugely markup their product prices on the cards. I once saw a product that was listed as over $100 on the product card, only to find it selling for $29 on their own website! Genius.

If you’ve made it all the way here, thanks for reading my rant! 😛


4 thoughts on “Unboxing: Memebox January Box

    • Hahaha thanks for loving my angsty post! It was a lot worse before i edited it down. 😛

      I’m feeling a lot less angry with them now actually, after seeing some of the recent US only launches… I dont think Im missing much! 😀

  1. So true on so many accounts. I got my Global 19 …errr January box the other day. Sigh – 4 foils? Really – they couldn’t even be bothered. I am not sure what they expect to give the USA customers (I am one) now….

    • Yes! 4 foils! I was like, why bother??

      Ive still been stalking their website but from what Ive seen in their recent US-only launches, i feel a little happier… doesn’t seem like I’m missing much! 😀

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