Haul: Don’t Brush off these Cheap Brushes

Over the weekend, I walked past *SCAPE Bazaar, which is kind of like an open-air flea-market beside Cineleisure in Orchard, Singapore, and I thought that I’d just pop in for a quick look – as I love flea markets – to see if there was anything interesting… and lo-and-behold, I saw these amazing brushes! They were just selling for S$28, for the whole set of 10 brushes!

At first I kind of brushed them off – because I thought, what kind of quality would it have at S$3 a piece – and walked off. But since our car was parked on the other side, I had to walk back and decided to touch them this time… and they were so soft! They remind me of Sigma’s and 13rushes’ or Real Techniques’ synthetic brushes, but they just might be slightly softer! I don’t know if they have a proper brand – I tried to google the name inscribed on these brushes but couldn’t find any company.

A couple of them had 1 or 2 hairs sticking out but that was it. I think those could be solved with a little snip of the scissors. I’ve washed them last night and there were no brush hair falling out or anything. They were just as soft as before, with no smell. Really amazing brushes. Plus they are fabulously white (also comes in pink, blue, black and gold). So happy with my haul!


2 thoughts on “Haul: Don’t Brush off these Cheap Brushes

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