Review: Chanel Harmonie Levres Lip Palette in Arabesque

Hi everyone! Just wanted to come and give a quick little review of my recent haul – the Chanel Harmonie Levres Lip Palette in Arabesque. At $86 for a palette with 5.5g of product, it is quite an expensive splurge so for anyone looking to add this to your collection, I’m hoping that this review will be useful in helping you see if you want to spend that amount of money!

The packaging is as always beautiful. This comes in a regular black plastic palette – the size is slightly longer than the regular eyeshadow palettes, with a huge-ass mirror, similar to some of the limited edition 5-pan eyeshadow palettes. It also comes with their usual black little pouch to keep the palette in. It’s a luxury brand, and the packaging definitely rings of luxury.

A close-up shot of the palette in all its gloriousness. I really love how the palette looks. This comes with 2 little brushes, which are larger and flatter than regular lip brushes I have used – more like eyeshadow brushes. But I actually find them easier to apply the lip products than the regular skinny lip brushes, as this has a larger surface, instead of trying to colour in the lips with a teeny bit of brush.

Annoyingly, these lip products have no explanation on the box as to what formulations these lip products have, nor do they have individual lip-colour names. They are simply called “1,2,3,4,5” from Left to Right. Shade 1 and 2 are actually lip glosses, with Shade 3-5 being lipsticks. Shade 1 is a very light shimmery pink; it doesn’t show up well in the swatch but actually does lighten up my lips quite a bit. Shade 2 is a shimmery coral pink, and does show up quite well for a gloss.

Shade 3 is a medium coral pink with I think a satin finish. Shade 4 is a medium bright pink, with also a satin finish. Shade 5 is like a muted grape red with some shimmery golden flecks in it but the flecks doesn’t really show up. Of them all, Shade 4 is my favourite – it really shows up well, and seems to brighten up my face. Plus I just really love pinks.

In terms of pigmentation, I actually found these to be quite weak. Of the 5 shades, only shade 4 really shows up like the colour in the pan. They are buildable but I would say they’re probably medium coverage, leaning a little towards less-than-medium. With one layer, all 3 lip colours actually looks quite similar on my lips, so definitely needs more than one go.

I find the lipsticks slightly drying on my lips, particularly shade 3 for me – which is weird because according to the box, all 3 lipsticks have the same ingredients. The lip glosses are quite comfortable – not too sticky but not too slippery too, and feels quite moisturising. I really like the formulation for the gloss. The lipsticks lasted about 3-4hrs on me, while the glosses lasted about 1-2hrs on me; so both are on the lower side in terms of lasting power.

Is it worth the S$86? I think it’s very hard for me to say it is or not – I wanted to get myself a little treat so I definitely wasn’t looking for value here. I love collecting Chanel’s palettes because I am obsessed with having a series of similar-shaped/patterned packaging, so this makes a lovely addition to my collection. I actually quite like the medium coverage on these because I’m not exactly a loud-lip wearer.

But if you’re looking for value, or love something with a full-on colour, then no, I don’t think you need to pick this up. I think this will mostly appeal, and be the most useful, to people who really love collecting makeup. Or just want to feel a little pampered.


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