Review: MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in Softly Lined

A really quick review today; I tried to use this MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in Softly Lined this morning and I thought I’d just come on here and make some quick comments on it. This costs GBP1 before shipping from the MUA Store, and comes in 5 shades. MUA is a really affordable line of makeup from the UK; it seems to me as the british equivalent of ELF, with prices ranging mostly between £1 – £4, but they also have a luxe line that runs slightly higher.

Claims on website:
With a creamy and strong payoff, you will love them! There are four shades ranging from a soft pink to a deep plum shade which match most MUA lipstick shades or you can even use them as lipsticks too! All come with a handy sharpener in the lid.

For such a low price tag, I think it’s quite impressive that it comes with a sharpener. The sharpener is actually pretty sharp and does a great job at sharpening the pencil. The colour of the pencil itself shows the colour of the product. However, the transparent lid, which is holding the sharpener, is pretty flimsy – I shoved the pencil in too hard and it cracked.

This is pretty soft, and glides easily on the lips; I didn’t experience any tugging while putting this on, while the lead is also not so soft as to break off.

Pigmentation, Shade and Longevity:
Pigmentation is good; pretty much fully opaque. Unfortunately, the colour is a frosty light pink – I thought it would be a light soft pink from the online pictures. On a yellow-toned Asian, this just looks incredibly hideous unless you’re 12. In terms of longevity – honestly I don’t know; I had it on for about 5min, decided it looked absolute gross on me and took it off.

In all, I think the given the price point, the packaging and the texture is really good – GBP1 for a pencil like this? On the other hand, the shade is absolutely hideous on me. I don’t think I will use this ever again, but I might try to pick this up in other colours, although there aren’t a lot to choose from either.

Rating: 3/5 for the texture, packaging, 1/5 for the shade


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