Beauty Budget #3: 2nd Month Progress

It’s time to tally up my purchases for the month and see if I’ve managed to stick within the beauty budget again! The goal is to spend only S$1000 on beauty products in the next 6 months, starting from 1st January and now it’s the 2nd month into the plan. S$1000 sounds like a lot – but beauty products in Singapore are overpriced, and also, my main goal is to curtail the number of products I buy rather than saving money, and for me the easiest way is to have a budget because that’s how my brain works.

Items bought in February 2015:
1. Set of 10 Brushes – S$28
2. Catrice Lipstick in Brit Chick – S$7.90
3. Chanel Harmonie Levres Lip Palette in Arabesque – S$86
4. Bella Box – S$9.90, half price for 1st month
5. Look Fantastic Beauty Box March 2015 – GBP15 = S$31.50
6. MUJI Cotton Pads – S$3.90
7. Cotton Pads from Sasa – S$5.80
Total: S$183.00
Running Total from Budget Start Date: S$328.40

I got the Catrice lipstick to replace the one i lost – I searched high and low for this as it was sold out almost everywhere, because this was the original one that I fell in love with that led me to purchase the rest from the collection. The brushes were an amazing find from a random bazaar, so soft and so worth the money, even though I didn’t need anymore brushes.

I’ve done a haul and review on the Chanel lip palette – such a gorgeous palette, though I don’t think it’s for everyone. I can’t get rid of my beauty box habit and decided to give Bella Box another chance since I no longer have Memebox. I really like the MUJI cotton pads and always refill with them.

This month, I’ve actually overspent! The largest charge was the one luxury item I had – the chanel palette, but I’m happy that I got it. Thankfully I did come within the budget last month so that helps a little bit, but I will still have to cut back next month to stay within the 6-month budget.

What about you? Have you tallied up your purchases for the month? Did you spend more than what you planned to, or do you not have a plan for it?


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