Review: Three 4D Eye Palette in 08 Spirit Light

I picked up this Three 4D Eye Palette in 08 Spirit Light last December in Japan and have been using this pretty consistently over the last 2 months, and thought it’s time to do a review on it. This costs 6000Yen, which is about SGD75. I’m not sure how you can get your hands on these outside of Japan.

There’s a good variety of these 4D Eye Palettes in the permanent range – 11 at the moment. I only picked up one because I didn’t do any research before buying these. On hindsight I should have gotten a more exciting colour but I went for the safe neutral option that I know can’t possibly go too wrong.

Claims on website:
This eye shadow palette enables a range of diverse finishes with the gradient look created with four shades of different hues and textures. Each palette contains a key color and complementing neutral shades to allow the expressive quality to come through. The palette brings complexity that is deeper than 3D by allowing the control of nuance and texture in the eye area and formulating a blend of different sized pearls to bring out the best of each color.

The packaging is pretty nice – it’s a grey-brown rubbery plastic case. It’s very light and flat/compact. I don’t like the material though – it’s not a smooth sleek surface but like those of NARS, somewhat velvety or rubbery so it is a dust magnet that can never be wiped clean. The outer surface is filled with glitters or shimmer bits now just after two months of use.

According to the website, there are supposed to be 4 different finishes and textures in the palette, which I think is pretty true. On the top left is a very light pigmentation shade with high shimmer and visible glitters. Bottom right is another very light pigmentation shade with slightly more delicate shimmer and less visible glitters. Bottom left is a medium pigmentation shade with satin finish. Top right is a very pigmented and silky cream shadow, with a cream-to-powder finish, and actually looks like powder in the pan but it moves around when you put your brush in it.

There are no individual shade names for the different shades in the palette. Clockwise from Top Left: coral orange glitter with white and gold glitter flecks but the base colour does not really show, metallic taupe brown that appears lighter than in the pan but is so so pretty, light yellow-brown with some yellow shimmers, and light yellow which also does not show up well with white shimmers. The metallic taupe brown is my favourite shade in the palette – it’s so pretty on.

Another swatch of these in different light. Swatched individually, most of the shades do not stand out well and appears to be very weak in pigmentation and pretty high in shimmer. I didn’t like them when I started playing with them initially, but then I realised that this palette really worked well when you use all 4 shades for an eye look. The textures are very lightweight, so layering is not a problem.

For this quad, I think the colours blend so well together for a very lovely natural daytime-smokey look. The lighter shades adds a delicate shimmer and really “lights up” the eye – like how it looks like in Korean-style makeup which focuses more on shimmery, brightening and lots of light. Because of its light texture, it’s also very easy to apply and difficult to make mistakes with.

I am actually a big fan of this. I think the palette works best on its own without adding other shadows. They layer really well without looking caked on, and maintains its light texture and makes the eye glow. If you’re someone who looks for a matte colour in your palette, this is not for you. I know shimmer may not be everyone’s thing, but I like it. And I love the end effect of using the whole palette, and how it puts a light shadow in the right place and brings light into my eyes.

Rating: 4/5


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