$avvy $undays: The Best Investment that You’ll Ever Make

I had another post planned for today’s Savvy Sundays series, touching on how to make a budget for beginners, since I have been promising that for a while now. But many things have happened over the last week or so for me, and I thought this was a more appropriate topic for my mood today.

I can talk a lot about how to make a budget, how to save money, how to make that last dollar last a little longer. But no matter what you do, I think the best thing you could do monetary wise is to invest in yourself. Because ultimately – you need to earn money to save money, and the way to earn more is to invest in yourself to make yourself better.  The more you can earn, the more you can save.

I just got into a Masters programme in one of the schools at the top of my wish list last week. It’s going to blow a lot of my savings away, a lot of time and a lot of energy. I may have to quit my job for a short while to pursue it. But at the end of it, I think it will be worth it. Plus, I actually enjoy going to school.

I’m not saying that everyone should go back to school, take on more debt to study in order to earn a/another degree. There are many vocations out there that does not require one. What I mean is to invest in Yourself – so that you are better at what you do, what you know, and worth more.

Investing in yourself does not have to be expensive. It could be going on Coursera for free courses, or even spending an hour every evening to read up on something that you don’t understand. I love beauty so I read a lot on makeup and skincare, but I also read a lot of newspapers and on current affairs.

Beyond “investment in real assets” – putting money in savings, or in stocks, or property, I think the truly best investment that you could ever make… is in yourself. Set aside a little time this evening, to read a book, to understand how many people there are in the world, what are the countries that you’ve never heard of. Simple little things that you never bothered to find out.


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