Review: Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

I love a good face scrub but a good face scrub is also one of the hardest thing to find, at least for me anyway. Because I am very particular about the size of the granules, the hardness of the granules, the ratio of the cream and the granules. In short, I am a very fussy face scrub buyer. Too hard, and it will be downgraded to a body scrub. Too soft, and I don’t get what the whole point is for.

I picked up this Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste some time ago after the salesperson practically dragged my arm across the sink and insisted that he tried it on me. I wasn’t even looking for a scrub but 10 minutes and a hand scrub later, I had a scrub in my bag and S$67 poorer.

Claims on website:
A cream-based exfoliating formula suited to most skin types. Fine river-bed Quartz contained in a cream base performs exceptional exfoliation, sloughing away tired surface skin. Lactic Acid assists a mild, chemical exfoliation resulting in thoroughly purified, revived skin.

The packaging is like an aluminium squeeze tube with a plastic flip cap; I love it because it keeps its shape after being squeezed, if you get what I mean, unlike plastic squeeze tubes – like toothpaste tubes where you can just fold down the tube towards the cap as you use it up. The exterior of the tube is also clearly marked with the name, key ingredients, product descriptions and instructions for use. It looks simple but Aesop’s packaging has a special place in my heart.

From what I understand from the salesperson, this face scrub is special because it is supposed to have two different ways of exfoliation – one is physical, from the quartz, and another is chemical, from the lactic acid. I was obviously intrigued – it’s like 2-in-1!

Unlike its name “exfoliant paste”, this is actually not as thick as a paste. It is a pretty dense cream, but it spreads out evenly and easily. The Quartz are very fine, so no sharp pieces, and pretty well-concentrated, so you really do get a great scrub, but didn’t aggravate my slightly sensitive skin at all.

I can’t comment on whether the “chemical exfoliation” of this paste works as I don’t think it could be visible that quickly. But I have to say, after using this exfoliator, my skin definitely feels a lot softer and looked brighter – and I don’t really care if it’s because of the physical exfoliant or the chemical exfoliant!

Like a lot of Aesop products, this has a pretty strong lavender/herbal scent. I’m okay with lavender scents so I’m not bothered by it, but if you are sensitive to heavy scents or hate lavender/herbal scents, then I would recommend having a whiff of this first before purchasing.

This is pretty expensive, with 75ml at S$67. But I am a big fan!

Rating: 4.5/5


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