Beauty Budget #4: 3rd Month Progress

Right at the start of the month – in fact the very first day of March, Cult Beauty sabotaged my whole beauty budget by unleashing a huge goody bag with any purchase over GBP90. I just couldn’t say no to such an amazing deal… so I busted my whole budget on the very first day of the month!

Items bought in March 2015:
1. Cult Beauty Purchase consisting of a Foreo Luna mini and a RMS Raw Coconut Cream, with a free Goody Bag – GBP92.92 = S$195.14
2. Bella Box – S$19.90
3. Look Fantastic Beauty Box March 2015 – GBP12.50 = S$31.50
Total: S$246.54
Running Total from Budget Start Date: S$574.94

There were so many more things that I wanted to get from Cult Beauty, but I’m holding back for now… not entirely for my budget but because they have give these amazing Goody bags every few months and I’m waiting for the next one! 😛 I hope it won’t be too soon though because I really need to cut back in order to stay within the 6-month budget goal.

What about you? Are you keeping to a beauty budget too?


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