Weekend Ramblings: Favourite Burgers, Eating Cookie Monster Macarons and a Wedding Cheat

A quick run through for the week, nothing much on the makeup front – I’m having a bad skin week and have been laying off from my makeup AND skincare; sometimes the skin just needs to take a breather, rather than a truckload of remedies to make it better.

1) We had our favourite Omakase burger at Pasar Bella over the weekend; I love their buns – buttery and soft, with medium rare thick patties, just the way I like my burgers. Their cheese fries are also loaded with cheese, no skimping there! Truffle fries aren’t really up to my standard though but

2) Burger was followed by macarons – look at how cute the Cookie Monster macaron is! This cost $1 more than the regular plain ones, making it $4.50 for ONE macaron instead of $3.50, but I thought it was $1 well spent for all that amusement it gave me. Look, it’s even got a real cookie in its mouth! I carried cookie monster here around for an hour in my hands and frightened little kids walking past me with my imitation of the cookie monster, before I finally ate it.

3) We paid a visit to a Wedding planner too – a quick meet but it went well and we think we’ll use their services, rather than go crazy trying to plan everything ourselves. Some friends and relatives are telling us to just plan it ourselves, but with a fiance constantly travelling, and me holding down a full time job, we prefer to be able to enjoy ourselves on the day and spend more effort on planning our honeymoon.

What did you do this weekend?


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