Review: Addiction Lipcrayon in 007 Red Lantern

The Addiction Lipcrayon in Red Lantern was one of the many beauty items I picked up in Japan last Christmas. I haven’t heard anything about it but I was in a happy mood, and if I only bought things that I’ve heard about then life, and this blog, will be pretty boring, wouldn’t it? I don’t know why I picked this shade, since I’ve almost never worn a full-on red lippie out before, but something about red lipsticks just make me want to grab it – and my cupboard full of unused red lipsticks is testament to that!

First of all – let’s start with the packaging. This comes in a twist up crayon form – I think it’s skinny enough that I don’t have to sharpen it in order to draw a really clear line around my lips; so this could be used as both a lipstick and a lip liner. It’s a light plastic casing – not too cheap looking but not luxurious either. Red Lantern is a very strong bold true red, with a matte texture.

In terms of pigmentation, whoo-boy! This is so pigmented! It goes on full colour on the first swipe. For anyone who is scared of colour, this is not for you. I tried to sheer it out – and it’s not easy; I really have to rub it around my lips with a finger because once you draw this lipcrayon on, it ain’t budging. The usual ‘smush your lips together’ strategy did not work in balancing out the shade – you just have to draw/colour it in, right from the tube, or it will look patchy.

I think because it is matte, it is drier in formulation; but I don’t feel like it is uncomfortable nor does it suck moisture out of the lips – it’s just not moisturising. It’s lightweight, not sticky, but if your lips are already dry to begin with then this might feel too dry for you. This lasted so long on me – I had lunch, went for a back massage and I still had a hint of colour on my lips at the end of nearly 5hours.

I don’t think that I will actually pick another one of these out – because I like lipsticks that offers the flexibility of being worn sheerer. But if you’re looking for a really bold, long-lasting matte lipstick that isn’t too drying like some other matte lipsticks, and don’t mind making the effort to really colour it in – then you might want to give this a try!


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