Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box April 2015

It’s been awhile since my last unboxing – over a month! Somehow I think I have jinxed a few beauty box services – everytime I sign up for something, they close down in the next 3 to 6 months. That happened to LipFactory (closed within 3 months of me signing up), then Memebox decided to stop international shipping (within 6 months of my first box) and now, just a few days ago, Bella Box has announced that they have closed down in Singapore (also within 6 months of me re-subscribing to them). Thankfully, LookFantastic is still standing! Please, stay open!

A really quick run down of April’s LookFantastic Beauty Box – because by now I think most people would already have received theirs and the contents are not that exciting anymore. I received mine about 1 week ago but I barely had time to sleep, so don’t even mention putting up a post on it!

Item 1: Forza Diet Multivitamin for Dieters
Quick Thoughts: This is full size and cost £7.49. I’m not a very big fan of getting anything edible in a beauty box. Or implicitly assuming that we are all dieting. What? Don’t.

Item 2: Balance Me Revitalising Hand and Body Wash 100ml
Quick Thoughts: This retails at £12.50 for 300ml. This, I am happy about. I’m running low on my stock of body wash so this saves me a trip to the stores for more. It’s also a pretty good size.

Item 3: CB12 – First Class Breath 50ml
Quick Thoughts: This retails at at £14.59 for 250ml. I’m really not excited about this. I mean, how excited can I get with mouthwash? Plus, I really dislike mint/menthol scents.

Item 4: Bed Head Mini Manipulator 30g
Quick Thoughts: This retails at £19.50 for 50ml. I have very long thick hair and this doesn’t look like something that I can put on my hair so it will most likely go to my fiance.

Item 5: Korres Calendula Softening Soap 40g
Quick Thoughts: I’m really not one for bar soaps – I just prefer liquid soaps.

Item 6: Inika Organic Eye Liner in Black Caviar
Quick Thoughts: This retails at £13.50. Usually, I’m pretty happy about getting black eye liners – but the recent beauty boxes all had black eye liners so I’m a little overwhelmed with them.

I think that this is actually my most disappointed LookFantastic beauty box. There’s really nothing in there that I can say is fantastic! I’m slightly speechless at how far it has fallen from my first box from them. I really hope that they can get back in shape soon – especially since they’re the last beauty box that I’ve subscribed to that’s still standing! I look at everything in the box and I honestly just sighed.

If anyone knows of great beauty boxes that ships internationally for a reasonable price, please leave me a comment because I would love to try them out!


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