Beauty Budget #5: 4th Month Progress – Yes, I Admit that I have Failed the Challenge!

I have just no words to describe this month. It’s…. scary. BeautyBay had a 20% sale in April, which I pounced on as I’ve been eyeing a few items. This was followed by a 60% closing down sale at Bella Box – my biggest regret was that I’m too slow and only got 7 items! Then there was the holiday in Thailand – I couldn’t leave without some beauty souvenirs! Are you curious about the total damage for April?

Items bought in April 2015:
1. Rimmel Nail Polish = S$7.90
2. Facial Cotton Pads x 3 packets = S$9.55
3. Beauty Shopping in Thailand = S$127.50
4. LookFantastic Beauty Box – GBP12.50 = S$31.50
5. Bella Box = S$19.90
6. Bella Box closing down sale haul = S$81.58
7. BeautyBay haul of First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, Balance and Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation Ultra Foundation in Wheat – GBP53.06 = S$133.71
Total = $411.64
Running total from Budget Start Date = S$986.58

I have 2 more months to go to till the end of the S$1000 for 6 months challenge, but less than S$15 left. I’m throwing in the towel for this budget challenge because…. there is just no way that I could keep within the budget! I don’t really want to make excuses – I failed, that’s all! I just couldn’t hold myself back when all the sales came, and with all the new pretty products. I embarked on this challenge to reduce my stash, and I think despite my slightly out of control spending, it has made a teeny impact – not as much as I had hoped, but it’s at least something.

I will be taking a break from beauty budgeting, as I always tend to not be able to deal with budgeting when my mind is full of other things, like right now with my wedding and dieting plans, helping out with the family business, coping with a full time job, dealing with some personal issues, etc. I might just embark on another budget challenge at a later date, maybe with a shorter period because 6 months is painful! Meanwhile, I have to find some other way to whittle down my stash…


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