The 2 Week Challenge! Do you know how long does it takes to use up a colour beauty product?

Remember that Birchbox article that said that there are 293 swipes in a lipstick? It’s great to know how many swipes there are but how does that translate to how long it actually takes to use up a lipstick? Have you ever wondered about how long it takes for you to use up a colour makeup item?

If you were to ask me, I have absolutely no clue! I use up liquid and powder foundations on a regular basis, a few eyeliners every 6 months and throw out a handful of mascaras every year. But I very rarely use up any colour makeup, like blushes, eyeshadows or lipsticks. It might be because we only use a tiny bit each time, but I also rarely use the same item long enough to know how much is used up.

So my new challenge is to use these 2 products every single day that I have makeup on, for 2 whole weeks! I usually have some sort of makeup on everyday so that should be about 14 days of use. I will report back again after 2 weeks to show how much product, or how little, that I’ve used!

I’ve selected 2 brand new items so it’s easier to gauge visually how much of a dent I’ve made. They are The Balm Girls Lipstick in Ima Goodkisser and CandyDoll CheekColor in Strawberry Pink. I haven’t even tested them out! I hope they’re nice because I will be stuck with using them everyday for 2 weeks!

The idea behind this challenge is NOT to finish up your colour makeup in a month – I don’t think that’s possible unless it’s really tiny or on its last legs. The idea is to see how much of a dent can be made with constant, daily use – 2 weeks is just a random time frame, long enough I hope to see a difference in the products, but not too long that I won’t be able to stick to it.

It doesn’t have to be boring though – I will be using other items together with them. So I might be using the same blush everyday, but I can alter it by layering another blush or highlight over, or even use it as an eyeshadow. The same for the lipstick – I could layer it with another shade or a gloss. I guess it’ll be a great test of how innovative I can get!

Would you like to join in the challenge? 🙂


One thought on “The 2 Week Challenge! Do you know how long does it takes to use up a colour beauty product?

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