Review: Grinif Rawganic Jojoba Golden Oil

Hi everyone! I’m back with another review – this time on the Grinif Rawganic Jojoba Golden Oil. ‘Rawganic’ refers to non-processed, purely natural ingredients, so I assume that’s what this bottle is made with. I got this full size 50ml bottle in a Memebox when they still shipped internationally in Daily Dose of Beauty box; on the product card, Memebox stated that this originally cost USD36. I think for such a large bottle, the price is not too ridiculous, but let’s see if it’s actually worth it!

Claims on the box:
Grinif face oil contains Jojoba oil 98%, Vitamin E 1% and Lavender essential oil 1% to keep your skin moist. Designed to smooth the texture of the facial skin.

The packaging is quite nice – a tinted glass bottle with a little dropper. I like my facial oils to come in this kind of packaging because it’s much easier to get the amount of product you want – just squeeze on the top of the dropper to dispense as many drops as you need or want. The lavender scent is pretty strong to me; I don’t mind it, but if you’re opposed to the scent then you might want to give it a pass.

The product is pretty watery and fluid unlike some other oils which are ‘thicker’ in texture; so even if you don’t squeeze the dropper, some oil will still drip down. The product states it’s “to smooth the texture of the facial skin”, so I’ve been using it on my face – I usually use this after serum, in place of a moisturiser as I find it too heavy to use both an oil and a moisturiser unless my skin is feeling incredibly dry.

Personally I find this quite oily. There are some oils that dries down and sinks in quite quickly – this is not one of those, which I found it quite surprising given how fluid this was. This remains oily on the skin, leaving behind an oily film and does not really sink in even after leaving it for more than half an hour. I would not use this if I plan to go out with makeup, not even in the evening. This is definitely something that you use for bedtime, in an airconditioned room or it will feel nastily greasy.

I like how there is only 3 ingredients in this product – not some chemical-laden, over-processed skincare. I think that it did make my skin feel moisturized, but I don’t like how oily it feels. Whilst it’s meant for the facial skin, I think it can be used on the body or on the hair so it’s quite multi-functional. I actually like using this on my legs and feet (with socks on so that I don’t slip and fall) because it’s a lot drier than my face – and this works great and the oiliness seems a bit less noticeable!

While I got this from a Memebox, it can also be purchased from a number of websites – I saw these selling at about SGD25 to SGD30 on Qoo10, which is a lot cheaper than the USD36 quoted by Memebox so if you’re looking to get this, do look around at some websites other than Memebox. I think it’s quite a nice moisturising product if you can take the oiliness – but on drier skin, or drier parts of the body, the oiliness won’t be as bad a problem and feels great!


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