The 2 Week Challenge – Update! So how much of my colour beauty products did I use in 2 weeks?

And… the 2 week challenge has come to an end! It’s insane how fast time goes by! I started off with 2 brand new items – one blush and one lipstick, and I tried to use them whenever I have makeup on. So how much of these colour beauty products did I manage to use up in just 2 weeks?

Honestly it looks like they have not been touched yet! I swear that I’ve used them diligently every single day, sometimes even reapplying multiple times through the day – sometimes at mid-day if I go to the gym, or at the end of the day before leaving the office for a date. I’ve paired them with other products, but I always use them as the main colour item on my lips and cheeks.

Some little things I found out – I should have tested the products before selecting them as the challenge items. The blush was so pigmented that I barely had to tap for colour to show up, and I didn’t really like the lip colour so I had to mix it up with other products. I’ve learnt to work with the blush through the 2 weeks, but I still hated the lip colour.

This blush, oh this blush is so insanely pigmented that a teeny tiny tap made me look clownish if I forget to tap off the excess. It’s too neon pink for everyday so I tend to mute it down with some powder or bronzer. I have made no dent at all in this – it’s visible that it’s no longer new, but it looks more like it’s been tested a few times rather than the 14 days of serious blending that I’ve been through.

The lipstick is a little frostier than I expected, and not exactly flattering on me as it seems to make me look kind of sickly, definitely not like “a goodkisser” like its name. I doubt anyone would be too excited about kissing me when I have this on, but I pushed through and applied a light layer everyday, topping it up with other lip glosses. There is a slightly more obvious ‘dent’ in the lipstick – it’s slightly more concaved in where I apply to my lips, but I really thought I would have used up more!

So that’s it! Was it what you expected? I think it was definitely a lot less than I thought I would use up in two weeks – it’s quite sobering to think about it because if two full weeks of using 1 item only made such a tiny impact on the products, I shudder to think how long it will take to ever use up any of these colour beauty products!


One thought on “The 2 Week Challenge – Update! So how much of my colour beauty products did I use in 2 weeks?

  1. I have mixed feelings about seeing major dents in products lol. On the one hand, you feel accomplished… on the other, kinda sad! Those are both soooooo pretty though 🙂

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