Empties #21: May 2015 – Part 1

I’m a little late to this month’s empties post – but it’s better late than never! I have finally managed to fix my laptop’s faulty keyboard – something to do with the auto-updates so what I have done is to reset the factory settings as a temporary patch but I’m afraid that the next auto-update will bring on the same issue again. So I’d better get going with as many posts as I can before it happens again! Let’s take a look at what’s in my May’s empties!

Rating system:
♣ No idea as it’s too small, no opinions or have no impression of.
♥♥ Dislike.
♥♥♥ Neutral/ok; will not repurchase.
♥♥♥♥ Liked; but may or may not repurchase.
♥♥♥♥♥ Holy grail; will repurchase or have repurchased.

1. Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel ♥♥♥
I’ve seen this talked about so much online so I was so excited to have one of these to try from a beauty box. It’s great for travel – instead of a bottle of acid toner and cotton pads, you can just use this. But I just think it’s over-hyped because other than the convenience factor, I didn’t really feel anything. I thought I felt more of an impact from my Alpha-H than from using this; won’t be purchasing this.

2. Carolina Herrera 212 ♥♥♥
3. Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo ♥♥♥
I think the Uomo is actually meant for men but hey who cares. I don’t have a very strong opinion of either scents – I’ve been keeping them in my gym bag for a quick spritz after the gym.

4. CB Cream Gold x2 ♥♥♥
5. CB Revitalizing Fermentation Essence x2 ♥♥♥
Got these from a Memebox some time ago. I think they feel like regular products, nothing special.

6. Garnier Sakura White Moisturising Day Cream ♥♥♥
This is meant for the face but I’ve been using it on my body because it’s actually pretty thick and I don’t like it on my face. On the body it actually feels pretty moisturising, although still quite heavy.

7. belif The true-whitening Cream x2 ♥♥♥
8. belif The true cream – aqua bomb ♥♥♥♥
9. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream ♥♥♥
I think I’ve actually tried all of these before but I can’t recall what I felt about them previously. This time round, I really enjoyed the aqua bomb – very cooling, lightweight and moisturising. I’m generally not a very big fan of “whitening” creams because I think the best way to “whiten”, and look naturally so, is to just stay out of the sun and use loads of sunblock!

10. SKII Cellumination Aura Essence
11. Missha Time Revolution New Science Activator Ampoule
12. VDL Skin P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence
A few essences and ampoules that I quite liked – they’re generally very lightweight, sinks in quickly with no sticky feeling. They’re way too little to tell if they work or not, but texture wise I like them.

13. Dr Bronner’s All-One Hemp Citrus Orange Pure-Castile Soap ♥♥♥♥
I’ve been using this as a brush cleanser – I know a lot of bloggers talk about the liquid version, but I find the solid soap version a lot easier to use. They remind me of the Make Up Store solid brush cleansers, just a load cheaper and maybe a teeny bit less effective. For the price difference, I could live with this; I just run the brushes over the soap and rinse them off. It doesn’t dry out my brush bristles and gets rid of 2-week old foundation on my brushes pretty easily. Definitely a repurchase!

14. It’s Skin Todak Todak pack ♥♥♥
Erm, I’m a little confused about these. I have a bunch more of them but I’m not quite sure if I’m using them right! Anyway I think they’re face masks, but they’re very wet and never dries down. But I’ll read up a little more on them before using the rest in my stash.

15. Davines Momo Moisturizing Shampoo ♥♥♥♥
I really like Davines brand of hair products; I don’t know why they’re not more popular or more easily available! I used to get them from Bella Box website, but now that Bella Box has closed down I am not sure where I can get more. Anyway, this Momo shampoo is quite nice – not too drying on my hair and does a very good clean. I wouldn’t call it a “moisturising” shampoo, but it’s definitely not a drying one. I wouldn’t repurchase this as I think there are much better shampoos in this line.

16. Bumble & bumble Super Rich Conditioner ♥♥♥♥
I like this; it’s a very rich conditioner so I found it too rich for daily use, even for my very thick and coarse hair. But used about twice a week, it adds some smoothness to my hair. It does weigh it down slightly but not in an overly-oily way, but if you already have flat hair then I wouldn’t recommend this.

And that’s it for part 1! Stay tuned for Part 2 for more empty goodness!


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