Unboxing: Naturisimo Travel Essentials Discovery Box

I’m not exactly an all-natural beauty products kinda girl – I just think that all those years and money into researching on chemicals and technology can’t be just to create something that’s worse off than what comes naturally right? But I’ve always been curious about natural products – if they are actually really that different as many claims, or if my skin will react to them. So when I saw this one-off beauty box from Naturisimo, a natural and organic beauty retailer, with 7 revealed items, for only £9.95, I had to get it! The theme is Travel Essentials – so everything is travel size.

Item 1. Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Invigorating Shampoo – Travel Size 60ml
Item 2. Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Calming Conditioner – Travel Size 60ml

It’s interesting that they included 2 different ‘type’ of shampoo and conditioner rather than from the same range – the shampoo for clarity and the conditioner for hydration and shine. But I’m not complaining because it means I get to try different a greater variety!

Item 3: Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion – Sachet 5ml
Can you believe that I’ve never tried a tinted body lotion? This claims to give legs a sun-kissed look without self-tanner. It’s temporary – it washes off; but for someone who has never used self tanner either this might come in useful as a ‘training’ product – I got a tan on a holiday and the fiance has been raving about how good I look, so I might start using self tanner to achieve the same effect.

Item 4: Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Rose Pure-castile Soap – 59ml
I’ve used the solid soaps by Dr Bronner’s dozens of times to clean my brushes, but I don’t actually recall having tried the liquid soap so this is interesting! It smells really good but I love rose scents.

Item 5: Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream – 25ml
This claims to be 99% natural, and is targeted towards normal and dry/sensitive skin. This has no parabens, sulphates, petroleum, and mineral oils. This is designed to plump, hydrate and keep the visible signs of ageing at bay. It sounds great for my skin – so I will be giving this a try later on.

Item 6: Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream – 25ml
When I bought the box, I thought this was a FOOT cream – because of the “barefoot”. I’m such a bird-brain sometimes. This is supposed to be suitable for skin prone to eczema and psoriasis, and is 100% natural. I’ll be gifting this to a friend with psoriasis if I meet her before I use it.

Item 7: Caudalie Divine Oil – 15ml
This is the reason why I got the box! I’ve always wanted to get it but couldn’t justify buying full size because I have so many oils to use up – and this little bottle is perfect! Even though it’s travel size, they didn’t skimp on the packaging; it’s a nice hefty bottle. This can be used on the face, body and hair.

I’m really happy about this purchase – although I don’t know how much of it actually matches the “travel” theme except for the tinted body lotion and the travel sizes. But the travel sizes are also generous enough – they’re not tiny, and the Balance Me face cream is actually half of full size making it worth £12! The box has a good variety of products, and are things that I’ve not tried or am excited to try. I really wish that they will continue to put out more of these beauty boxes.

This is currently still available on Naturisimo website and I think you won’t be disappointed!


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