The 5Min Review: Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire

As much as I love putting on makeup, I am very particular about removing all traces of makeup before the end of each day. I’ve had my skin reacting badly when I’m too tired to do a good cleanse after a day of full makeup on, so I try not to do so again. That gets quite difficult when I’ve gone through over 16 hours of work! So having a good micellaire water at all times is so important to me. I got this Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire in Japan, as a set with the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè, so I don’t know how much this cost. A quick search online put it at about USD32 for a 250ml bottle though.

Claims by the brand:
Practical and speedy for gentle total cleansing and make-up removal using a single product for the face, eyes and lips. This Micellar Lotion is so gentle it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin – it contains micelles (gentle cleansing agents) in solution in cornflower, camomile and witch-hazel water, combined with glycerin to soften, soothe and tone the skin. It eliminates comfortably all impurities and everyday pollution, together with every trace of make-up, even water-resistant products.

The packaging is very simple and nothing fancy – a flip-top plastic and light transparent bottle. To use, just saturate a cotton pad with product and swipe across the face. If I’m wearing heavier eye makeup such as waterproof mascara or eyeliner, I would press the cotton pad against the eyelid for a few seconds before lightly wiping away. There’s no need to wash it off, and I usually follow it up with the next step in my skincare routine which is a toner. I don’t use this everyday though – only on days that I’m too tired to do a good double cleanse which is quite often these days.

For me, this worked really well. It removed makeup really easily, and as claimed, it feels really gentle and my skin never feels tight after using this. I do need a fair amount of product to remove a full face of makeup, but I don’t think it’s any more than usual – I would say that it works just as well as Bioderma Solution Micellaire, if not even slightly better. I find that it removes waterproof eye-makeup better than most of the other micellaire waters that I’ve tried by using the press then wipe method. I know that this did remove most makeup on my face, because my skin did not break out on days after I use this.

But, will I repurchase? Sadly the answer is No. At USD32 for 250ml, this is way overpriced. Embryolisse is supposed to be a simple, french-drugstore brand – at USD32, they are clearly trying to bank on the hype that was built over its cream. The packaging is not luxurious, and the product is a simple one – it is a great product and it works the way it claims to, but I just don’t see a good reason to pay USD32 for this when I know other drugstore brands works just as well at less than half the price. I don’t mind paying more for a luxury product, but this is not. This is an effective drugstore product, that looks like a drugstore product, but at a luxury price.


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