Review: Ciracle Red Spot Cream

If there’s one really bad beauty habit that I would like to stop but can’t, it is picking at pimples. I know, it’s horrible; I always tell myself not to do it but when it ‘matures’ and looks ready for the popping, I just lose all self control! But doing so leaves me with scars, so I’ve been looking for a really good acne scar cream. I saw this Ciracle Red Spot Cream being recommended by a korean youtuber sometime ago – if a korean approves, I’ve got to try it – and I quickly hunted one down!

Claims from the brand:
Contains natural plant extracts such as Centtela, locust tree flower, and specialize in mark relaxation effect. Also contains ingredients able to sooth the skin, so this is good to use right after squeezing a pimple. Best item for protecting, recovering after squeezing the pimple or trouble without any scars.

I got mine from the local BHG store for under SGD30 but you can find them at for RRP $16.99. The jar contains 30ml of cream which is white with a light green tint, in a small round plastic screw-top jar. There is a slight scent – I can’t place it but it’s kind of like tea tree but not as toxic-smelling. The texture is very light; it’s very ‘thin’ like it’s almost impossible to pick up too much of it. It’s lightweight and very easy to blend, as well as dry down incredibly quick because of its thin texture.

Does this work? Yes! This is really incredible. What I do is… if I’ve picked at a pimple, I would put some of this on overnight after toner. I don’t use anything else on top of this. The next day, my skin usually looks less red than if I didn’t use this after popping a pimple. I thought I’d never finish using this if I only used it after popping my pimple, so I decided to use this regularly on some old scars. Goodness, it works too! Some of my older scars definitely looks lighter, and some are almost fully erased and I have had them for a long time. If I used it all over my face, I felt a slight tingling – but I don’t know why.

I really should show a picture of my skin before and after, but silly me didn’t think of taking the “before” shot, so now I only have the “after” shot which is… not very useful as you can’t really see my acne scars anymore! There are still some older scars that I’ve had for a really long time; hopefully with long term usage even the old scars can be erased! My skin definitely looks so much better after using this.

If you have a lot of acne scars, then I highly recommend to give this a try! I think the effect is really impressive, and the price tag is so reasonable. Let me know if it worked for you too!


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