The 5Min Review: Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Mist

One thing about living in Singapore is that you are always hot. Not hot, like supermodel hot – but sweat-dripping hot. Where I work there are no indoor canteens or shops, so I have to walk out under the hot sun for lunch. I like keeping a mist on my work table to freshen up after lunch. I received this Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Mist in the Memebox Global Edition #16.

Claims on the box:
Vitamin recharging whitening mist that brings freshness and rich moisturizing to tired and dried skin with six different vitamins.

This comes in a plastic dark brown bottle, with a spray nozzle that could blind you if you accidentally squirt it at your eyes. The trick to using this is to ensure that you always, always hold it at least 50cm away from your face or it will hurt – I have long arms so that is still workable but even then it still squirts in a concentrated area of the face rather than a dispersed mist. In short, I hate the bottle.

This is said to have vitamin complex, betaine, panthenol, allantoin and orange extract; I have no idea what half of those ingredients are and what they do. I will just review this on how I felt – and I do like it. It has a citrus scent, which I’m biased towards, and like any other mists or water that you spray on your face, it does feel refreshing. I really don’t see any positive effect from the vitamins in it nor any whitening, but I also did not break out with regular use of this. I’ve been spraying it every work day for over 2 weeks and it’s still pretty full so I think this will last quite a while!

The full size is 130ml and value given by Memebox is USD16; this product is made in Korea. I think the product itself is good – nothing fantastic but I didn’t expect much from a mist. The real problem is the spray nozzle – and that’s very important to me for a mist! I’ll probably pour this into another better spray bottle but at USD15 for a mist I would have expected better, so I wouldn’t be repurchasing.


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