Midweek Rant: “Tricks” and “Tips” I wish other Bloggers/Vloggers would Stop

Today’s post is slightly different – I’ve just seen so many “tricks” and “tips” being suggested over and over again by bloggers/vloggers that really doesn’t work that great in real life, or isn’t universally applicable, that I just had to say something. If you’re not open to listening about criticisms, please click away – I am not trying to be mean; I am voicing out my opinions and I did not name names.

I just find that it’s getting very common for one blogger/vlogger to echo another without actually thinking, especially when they’re trying to ‘pair’ up with each other and the same story for people who reads/watches them. So we have 100 videos saying the same thing over and over again until it becomes like a “must-do” but what works for one person doesn’t always work for another!

#1: Bronze that forehead/cheekbone
Please stop bronzing your forehead if you have a small head! I’ve seen many a head-shape that looks beautiful natural, but so ‘contoured’ that they look like a potato-head. It also depends on what colour you are – if you’re naturally really pale, bronzing your forehead just makes you look like you have a really dirty head. If there is nothing to contour, don’t contour.

#2: “Contour” your cheekbones with a brown stripe in the “hollows”
Similar to #1. It doesn’t look natural if you have big cheeks but a bronze stripe across your cheeks. I have big cheeks and absolutely zero visible hollow in my cheeks – it’s round and I can’t see my cheek bones. When I smile, my cheeks puff up so if I contoured my cheeks, then my cheeks would puff up and the bronzed part would be on a very rounded cheek. If you’re taking photos, it can look good; but in real life? No. I’m not saying no to contouring, but to look at the type of contouring that suits you. I would just bronze on the outside of my face but not the cheekbone contour.

#3: Brighten your eyes with the under-eye triangle
If you’re not walking on the red carpet, chances are – that you’re putting on too much makeup, and that triangle looks like a clogged mess in real life. Celebrities use that trick because they’re often under harsh lights, but if you don’t have a professional makeup artist on hand, it’s not easy to get that right. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a horribly piled on yellow triangle on people’s face, or this horribly unnatural “lit” triangle on someone’s face that everyone knows is not a natural glow.

#4: Draw attention with that shimmering cupids bow
I’ve seen it recommended so many times – add a little highlighter to your upper lip to make it stand out! Sexy! Again, unless you are under harsh camera lights all day, it just looks like you have shimmering upper lips – as if you forgot to wipe your lips after eating fried chicken. It ain’t attractive, unless your other half loves the sight of oily lips. Yes, it will draw attention to your lips, but not for the right reason.

There’s a lot more to my list of things that I wish people would stop recommending/doing because of the blogging/vlogging world, and my list in terms of skincare is so long that I can probably write a book about it, but I think that’ll have to wait – just in case there are unhappy lurkers out there just waiting to kick me. I will come back with Part 2 if I deem it safe to do so. Meanwhile, my main point is – works for you may not work for me. Judge your own face and how you feel; don’t blindly copy/follow others.

Tell me about the “tricks” and “tips” that you wish other vloggers/bloggers would stop suggesting!


One thought on “Midweek Rant: “Tricks” and “Tips” I wish other Bloggers/Vloggers would Stop

  1. I vote for part 2! Great advice. It all boils down to picking what works for you but it is so easy to lose sight of that when people keep reinforcing the same trends you mention. I don’t bother with contouring or bronzing, personally. I’m so fair, I just don’t feel like myself if I try to do any of this. I know plenty fair skinned girls do it and get it right, but I don’t have the time to fuss with that on a normal schedule and I’m perfectly content being my unbronzed ghostly self. Lately it seems like everyone is drawing on their eyebrows, too. I totally get that they pull your look together, but I cannot count how many times I’ve seen scary eyebrows walking around in real life.

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