The 5Min Review: Migabee Energy Ampoule

Sometimes I just love reading the translations on foreign-made products. This Migabee Energy Ampoule is claimed to be “the solution to honey making skin”… well I like honey so I guess it means something good! It goes on to claim “Royal Bee’s solution helps protect the skin from external stress. It will accelerate soothing and help skin revitalize itself.” I got this from the Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare box and they claimed the value to be USD30.

First of all the packaging is excessive. Just look at the paper box and the tiny tube! There’s only 12ml of product for the full size. I had to take photos of the product a few weeks ago because I was worried that I’ll finish using it in no time – and I was right; just 2 weeks in and I’ve used up 2/3 of it. The bottle is a nice clear glass, with a pipette which I thought didn’t work well for the texture – it’s hard to control the amount of product because it keeps getting ‘sucked’ back when you release the squeezy-bit.

Ampoules are supposed to contain high concentrations of extracts and tend to be thicker than essences or serums. This can be used on its own, or added to another serum; I’m usually too lazy to be a mad scientist in the evening so I just use it like a serum. The product is a bit gooey or gel-like; kind of like regular honey. Applied, it leaves a slightly wet-sticky feeling, but it’s not too uncomfortable and it’s not oily. It doesnt feel too heavy on even in a hot climate.

Would I purchase it for USD30? For 12ml of product, I think it’s overpriced. In terms of skincare benefits, I think this locks in moisture well and does feel quite soothing but that is all; I didn’t see any of the anti-inflammatory benefits that usually goes with honey. I like it but don’t love it and I don’t think I will pay USD30 because if the effect is just simply “soothing” because then a simple moisturiser would do.


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