The 5Min Review: YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Zone Serum

Lately I’ve been working really hard – trying to clear off some work before I take some time off to begin my part time studies. I’ve been sleeping less than 5hours a day and my eyebags are so huge and dark that they’re practically touching the floor. I’ve been using tons of eye creams lately; some people are sceptical about how much eye creams can actually do but I rather be cautious than regret later!

A really quick review today on the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Zone serum. I got this and many eye creams free from a family member who won a contest to review eye creams for their magazine awards. The way the contest are structured are so lame; each participant had about 30 eye creams and 30 days to test!. I’m glad though – because she only tested about 5 and gave the rest away!

This eye cream claims to be “Anti-wrinkle lift”, “anti-dark circles”, “anti-puffiness” and give “radiance”. Further claims are that it targets “the panoramic eye zone: Crow’s feet, Under-eye wrinkles, Glabellar lines. From the 1st dose, the eye contour looks lifted, the skin recovers suppleness and firmness. After 3 days wrinkles look smoothed, dark circles and under-eye bags appear reduced. After 1 month, the eye zone appears redefined and looks younger.”

The bottle is really beautiful and luxurious; I think it is plastic but it’s got some weight to it. It comes with a pipette so it’s very hygienic and easy to control the amount. The texture is quite liquid/fluid; it’s got a very slight thickness to it – like a diluted gel, but spreads very easily and sinks in quickly. It feels very hydrating when freshly applied and it’s very lightweight, so it’s perfect to wear in a hot climate.

I do feel that it hydrates my eye area; I don’t have wrinkles so I really can’t tell if it is anti-wrinkle. It didn’t do anything for my dark circles or puffiness though; they were just as black and puffy as ever.

I only found out that the price is about GBP49, so that’s over SGD100, when I was doing up this post and searching for the price. There’s only 15ml of product, so I think it is quite expensive; but this is YSL and it does feel quite luxurious, and eye creams are always priced higher than other creams.

In short, I would recommend it if you want to pamper yourself and are feeling some dryness around the eye area, but not if you’re looking for something to lighten eye circles or reduce puffiness.


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