Review: Pibugonggam G Facial Scrub

Enter one of the shortest reviews on my blog – since this is quite an obscure brand and I am not sure where you can find it if you want it, I shall not make too much fuss about it. I got this from a Memebox, and the product card claims that it costs US$13 for 50g of this product. 50g is not a lot – it’s quite a small tube, so my first impression is that it’s pretty overpriced.

Product Description:
This scrub is made from natural scrub ingredients – orange and tangerine peels – and works to exfoliate gently without stimulating the skin. The vitamin rich grapefruit, sea buckhorn, red poppy petals and aronia extracts rejuvenate and cleanse the skin all at once.

The scrub smells really nice, with its citrus-scents. It’s runnier than most face scrubs that I’ve used so I tend to use a lot more than normal at one go – lending to its faster depletion than usual. The scrub bits are very soft, so soft that it doesn’t feel like a scrub. There’s not much friction there, which I think for some with sensitive skin will love, but for me I don’t feel like I’ve had a nice scrub out of it.

Bottom line, it feels like a normal face wash and I wouldn’t spend US$13 on it nor go out of the way to find it. It’s not bad as a face wash and I love the smell, and could be a great scrub with people with very sensitive skin as it’s very gentle. But I like my physical face scrubs with a little more oomph.

Rating: 3/5

Beauty 101 #1: Double Cleansing

As a skincare-obsessed person, I can’t stress enough the importance of good cleansing every night. Imagine all the dust and dirt, as well as makeup residue, after a whole day! I honestly enjoy a really good cleanse at the end of the day – I never feel fully at home and relaxed until my skin feels fresh and clean. I don’t always clean my face in the same way – but if I have the time and energy, I would do a good double cleanse.

Double cleansing is thought to be an essential step in Japanese skincare although I don’t know if it originated from Japan!

What is double cleansing?
Double cleansing is a separate two-step cleansing method to remove both oil-based and water-based substances from our skin.

  1. Step 1: to remove oil-based impurities such as excess sebum and makeup. This require a cleanser that can bring oil-based substances such as excess sebum and makeup to the skin surface. These kind of cleansers usually come as cleansing oils, cream, gels or milk.
  2. Step 2: to remove water-based impurities such as dust, bacteria, old skin cells and perspiration. This requires a cleanser that envelops the impurities in a rich lather and washes away all water-based substances. These kinds of cleansers usually come as soaps and foams.

Why do we double cleanse?
Our face is exposed to all elements the whole day. Dust, bacteria and other particles in the air comes in contact with our skin. Meanwhile, perspiration and oils are secreted from our skin. These secretions captures the particles from the air and clings on to them.

How do we double cleanse?

  1. Start with dry skin. Apply the cleanser in five places: the forehead, each cheek, the ridge of the nose, and the chin. Gently massage it into the skin in circular strokes, dissolving the impurities and drawing them out from within the skin. Rinse away with lukewarm water.
  2. Apply the soap on your hand, add a bit of water, then work up a rich lather in your palm. Next, massage this cushion of lather over the face, stroking in small circles. Rinse.

Do you double cleanse as well? If not, are you now convinced to give this method a try?

Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

Yes, it’s finally time to review the very famous Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I’ve actually used this quite a lot but had reserved my review for this till after I’ve reviewed a few other cleansing waters first. I find that due to its popularity, it’s easier to have tried a handful of similar products for comparison. Sold at S$39.90 for the large 500ml bottle in Guardian and Watsons, it seems expensive but on a per ml basis, it’s on par with other cleansing waters.

Other cleansing waters that I’ve reviewed:

Claims on website:
The benchmark micelle solution that cleanses and removes make-up from sensitive skin daily. Specially formulated for sensitive, normal to dry skins, the solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It removes water-resistant make-up. The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the skin’s balance.

I bought the largest size, which comes in a clear light plastic bottle with a flip top cap. To use, I have to flip it over to pour some out on cotton pads. It’s very simple – but I would really have preferred it had a pump. The colour, texture and consistency is just like water and there is no scent.

In terms of efficacy, I think it fared pretty well. It removes face makeup very easily without having to rub or tug on the skin, and can remove most non-waterproof eye makeup by soaking the cotton pad and pressing it onto the eye for a few seconds before wiping it off.

However, this is not as effective at removing water resistant eye makeup as claimed. Maybe my mascara and eyeliner are stronger than others who tried this, but this definitely could not clean them off and there were obvious remnants after wiping my eye with this several times. It does work with freshly applied eyeliners, so if you’ve made a mistake, just dip a cotton bud with this and wipe it off. But day-old mascara and eyeliners? No.

This did not irritate my skin and feels refreshing. However, compared to my current favourite cleansing water – the Bifesta Brightup Cleansing Lotion, my skin also felt slightly drier after using this, especially if I have to use a few more swipes of this to remove heavier makeup.

Would I repurchase? Probably so – but mainly because I can find this on discount websites selling at about S$25 for the full 500ml, which makes this one of the cheapest cleansing waters I can find. It’s not exactly my favourite and its not the best makeup remover but it is convenient and cheap, perfect for lazy days where cleansing over the sink feels too much of a chore.

Rating: 3.5/5

For international buyers, you can get this from Amazon.

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Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Oil

“Hyaluronic Acid” has been the magic word in the beauty world for dry skin girls lately – and it seems like the perfect selling point for new products coming on the market! That was also the reason why I picked up the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Oil – why I would like my makeup remover to be moisturizing, I don’t know. But I saw the word hyaluronic acid and before I knew it, the bottle came home with me.

Claims on Website:
Formulated with High Purity Olive Oil to deep clean and gently remove dirt, excessive oil, and stubborn makeup instantly. High cleansing ability even for waterproof mascara. Gentle to your delicate eye area and eyelashes. Enhanced with Super Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate and maintain skin’s moisture balance leaving skin soft and smooth. Free of fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol and colourant.

The oil is in a very simple yellow plastic pump bottle. There is no scent, since it is free of fragrance, and is colorless. The texture is pretty fluid and runny; there is still some “thickness” to it – heavier than water, but doesn’t feel as oily or heavy as a some cleansing oils I’ve tried, such as Shu Uemura cleansing oils. Given that “Hyaluronic Acid” is the main selling point, the ingredient is also last on the ingredient list; but I am not a chemist or scientist, so perhaps it is not needed in large quantities to be effective?

To use, I put about 2 pumps onto dry hands and gently massage it on dry face and eye area. When that’s done, I wet my face to emulsify the oil and then rinse thoroughly with water to remove it all. This product does a quite decent job at removing all traces of face makeup. For waterproof mascaras, I usually massage a bit longer to get it all off. I also find that my eyes ‘clouds up’ after massaging this all over but it’s normal and does not sting my eyes. Sometimes if I’m wearing very heavy eye makeup, I find that I need to use this twice but the second cleanse does get rid of all traces of makeup.

The best thing about this oil is that there is no oily residue after rinsing. With some cleansing oils, I feel like there is a layer of film left on my face even after rinsing thoroughly; but not with this. My face just feels really clean and soft, with no tight feeling. I’ve been using this quite consistently and it did not break me out but I am also not prone to breakouts.

While I don’t particularly like using cleansing oil because of the hassle – having to be in the toilet to emulsify the oil and rinse it off and so on, I’ve really enjoyed this one. I find it really gentle and soothing to my skin, and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft while being effective at makeup removal. I personally prefer using micellar waters on a daily basis, but those take a few more swipes to fully get rid of makeup and tends to irritate my skin when they’re not at their best, so I find using this cleansing oil much more soothing when my skin is feeling more sensitive. A big thumbs up!

Rating: 4/5

Review: Bioderma Sebium H2O Solution Micellaire

Wanted to do a quick review on these – the Bioderma Sebium H2O Solution Micellaire. I recently got this from a Sample Store haul and have been using regularly. I’ve used the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire for a while, and was curious to see if the Sebium version is any different.

Claims from website:
BIODERMA innovation, Sébium H2O gently cleanses the skin without drying it, through the micro-emulsion of impurities and excess sebum. Enriched with purifying active ingredients, Sébium H2O cleanses the epidermis in depth and regulates secretion of sebum.

These originally comes in a large flip top transparent bottle, without a pump. Mine are samples so they look different. Honestly it would be great if it was sold in these sample packaging as they are so handy for travel!

Unlike Sensibio version which is completely transparent and colorless, this Sebium range is also transparent but green-tinged. This also has a slight floral/fresh scent. The texture feels just like water.

Like other micellaire waters, to use – I pour some on cotton pads and wipe it over my face. No rinsing is required and it doesn’t leave an oily film behind. In terms of efficacy, this is quite good; it removes face makeup easily without having to rub or tug on the skin. However, I find it difficult to remove eye makeup and needless to say terrible at removing waterproof mascara.

The Sebium version is targeted for oily skin – I have dry skin so this was obviously not targeted to me but I thought how different could cleansing solutions be? Now I know – yes they can be very different. After using this, my skin felt dry and dehydrated. My skin does feel very clean but also very tight so I think oily skin ladies might really enjoy this.

The price ranges quite a fair bit in Singapore – I’ve seen it selling for $29.90 in Guardian for the 250ml bottle, but it’s also regularly on sale.

Would I repurchase? No, because this is not suitable for my skin type at all. I’ve reviewed other cleansing waters and they can be found here. I know it’s unfair to give this a low rating when it’s targeted at a different skin type all together, so I want to emphasize the rating is for Dry Skin – just in case any Dry Skin ladies out there is just as curious as me and wants to give it a go!

Rating: 2/5 for Dry Skin

Review: Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

It’s important to exfoliate at least on a weekly basis to get rid of dead skin cells and ensure smooth skin, but yet it’s so hard to find a good face scrub! They are either too abrasive, or they do absolutely nothing. I’ve been trying out a lot of face scrubs over the last few months, and now it’s time to give my own two cents worth about them! The first up is the Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub.

Claims on website:
Exfoliating regularly is key to deep cleansing and removing debris. This gentle scrub is fortified with Walnut granules that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and blackheads while Apple, rich in natural antioxidants, helps stimulate cell renewal, giving you soft and younger looking skin.

I will jump right in and say that I did not like this, at all. The cream feels really greasy and seem to leave a film behind if you do not rinse off thoroughly. The scrub bits however, feels very harsh on the skin. There are literally large bits of walnut shell – shown by the black bits in the photo. Everytime I use this I feel like I’m causing harm to my own face. I have officially downgraded this to scrubbing my legs, which actually works really well.

The packaging is very normal, just like the usual drugstore cleanser plastic squeeze tubes. This did malfunction on me though, with the squeeze-hole clogging up and I have to unclog it all the time.

This is a pass for me – unless I’m on a look out for a cheap leg scrub. I don’t remember how much this was but it’s definitely on the affordable end.

Rating: 2/5

Review: Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing Water

I seem to be running through quite a lot of makeup cleansing waters – but just as well, since I use so much makeup anyway! I’m always on the lookout for cleansing waters that can remove makeup a) even more easily, b) affordably and 3) does not dry out my skin. The Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing Water is a meant to be a “soap-free cleansing water that effectively removes makeup while cleansing and toning the skin”. It’s also free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates – but not that I know what difference that makes, but I guess it’s good!

Claims from website:
This gentle formula removes makeup from the face and eyes as it soothes, moisturizes, and softens skin. There’s no need to rub for a thorough clean— a gentle cleansing base washes without stripping. The improved formula is now more natural, more effective, and gentler on skin.

The texture and consistency is just like water. The packaging is simple, with a screw on cap and no pump, so to get the product out, just open the cap and turn it upside down. Unlike most micellar waters though, this is rather heavily scented – I did like fresh scent, but I would recommend giving it a sniff before purchase if you’re sensitive to smells.

In terms of performance, I don’t think that it does that great a job. This takes quite a lot of a) product and b) cotton pads to remove a full face of makeup. Without help of other cleansers, it takes 3-4 goes across the same area to properly remove most traces of makeup. Like most cleansing waters, this failed at removing waterproof eye makeup. That said, it did not irritate my skin despite it being heavily scented, nor does it dry out my skin. I actually feel quite refreshed, and my skin rather soothed, after using it!

I can’t remember how much this cost, as I got mine with points I had on a website, but a quick google shows that a 6.7oz/200ml will cost US$28 in the US or €14.40 in Europe. That’s pretty pricey for me, as there are a lot of affordable Japanese brands of cleansing waters available here in Singapore that does a better job, so I won’t be repurchasing this.

Rating: 3.5/5