Empties #20: April 2015 – Part 1

April was… oh, actually I have no idea what this past April was like because I was so crazy busy that I can’t remember what happened! It’s really been an insane month – tons of work, wedding planning, lots of gym sessions so that I can fit into my gowns later; I was so shocked when I saw my empties bucket filled – I thought there was no way I could have used up so much stuff in such a short time, then I realised that it’s the end of the month already! Anyway, let’s take a peek at what’s in there!
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Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box December 2014

The LookFantastic Beauty Box is fast becoming one of my most highly anticipated mystery beauty boxes of the month – I felt that the last two have been really well curated, with great products and good value for what I paid. The box cost me £15 inclusive of shipping, approximately SGD32. Let’s see if this month’s box continued to be great!
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Empties #14: October 2014 – Part 2

Hello! Welcome to Part 2 of going through my beauty trash in October! Writing about empties is actually pretty draining – because I do put in the time and energy to try to review as much as I can – that means trying to remember exactly what I felt about the product and then writing about it. A lot of times I don’t even remember because I wasn’t paying attention – and when it’s a tiny sample size, before you know it it’s used up and you have absolutely no clue what it did. Anyway, let’s get cracking on and see what I can remember about the rest of this October’s empties!
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Empties #11: July 2014 – Part 2

Now for part 2 of July’s empties! Continuing on the theme of ‘stash clean up’ from my first July’s empties post, I’ve also been doing the same clean out to my makeup stash – there’s a number of old makeup that are not actually ’empty’ but I just don’t think that I will ever use them again. Let’s take a look at what the rest of my July’s empties are!
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Haul: Looking Fantastic

A quick little haul – a case of midnight boredom, half conscious and itchy fingers led to a quick clicking of the “buy” button, which was quickly and clearly forgotten by the next morning. Then came shock nearly a month later when a box of goodies from Lookfantastic.com came. Oh dear.

Thankfully the damage was not very big but a really weird mix of items. A Lipstick Queen lipstick in Stoked, such a gorgeous sheer orange red that I think was a genius buy for summer; another lip product was also in the bag – the Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Pixi Pink, which I have yet to try.

Following all that was a pack of Elemis FreshSkin Make-up Away Cleansing Wipes and a Kent Shampoo and Massage Brush; I’m amused that I bought these but glad that I did – cleansing wipes are always useful to have around and a good head/hair massage should help to ease the headaches that I have been having of late.

That’s all for my little haul – have you bought any beauty items lately?