Review: eos Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit

What is round and cute, pink, and smells amazing? Enter – the eos Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit. I’ve seen this lip balm featured in tons of youtube videos over the last couple of years – sadly, this item is not readily available in Singapore so when I chanced upon it at a makeshift store for around S$10, which is morbidly overpriced, I had to pick it up.

Claims by eos:
eos lip balm in Summer Fruit is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.

Fruit scents are my preferred choice of smell and this lipbalm is incredible on that front. I find it quite sweet-smelling and really fruity like it is meant to be, but not overpoweringly so. I just simply adore the smell!

The packaging is also really adorable – in a round little plastic sphere with a flat bottom so that it stands up on its own and doesn’t roll around. However, it’s not the most convenient thing to bring about and can be quite weird to stick in your pockets. So this lip balm mostly sits on my desk at work.

In terms of efficacy as a lipbalm, I would rank it middle of the road. It’s quite a solid product so it feels waxy on the lips and needs a few runs over the lips for it to feel adequately ‘coated’. Freshly applied, the lips feel very comfortable and soft, but not greasy or slippery. However, the ‘moisturised effect’ doesn’t last very long – I couldn’t feel any of it on left my lips an hour later. But because it’s not fluid, it’s very easy to use lipstick or gloss over without it being goopy.

In short, I do like this because of its smell and the fact that I can layer other products over without it being too much. But a lip saviour – it is not. I would recommend this as a base for other more drying lip products, but not for those looking for a good moisturising lip balm.

Rating: 3/5