100 Happy Days: D1-4 Recap

Read my initial #100happydays challenge post here!

Day 1: 16 July 2014, start of a new beginning! Eating a surprisingly really yummy salad from Sumo Salad before gym. Healthy choices! Need to get back on track – healthy body, happier self. 🙂
Day 2: Had a seat on the MRT on a rainy day! SCORE! That never happens! Also saw the new packaging for Tiong Bahru Bakery during afternoon tea break at work – so adorable!
Day 3: Pizza for dinner! One of my favourites, the Capricciosa – filled with artichokes, olives, salami and mushrooms! Plus it’s Friday!
Day 4: Dim Sum for lunch, followed by some volunteer work teaching math to sick children. Then a 3hr Facial and Body Massage, and chicken Rice for dinner! And of course, a whole day with the bf. 🙂 Perfect day!

What made you happy today? 🙂


100 Happy Days: It Starts Now

I’ve been feeling quite out of sorts lately – my temper getting the better of me, unhappiness at work and having a lot of negative people around me. All the bad thoughts came to me. I was angry at everyone; I was jealous of people who were getting things that I wanted. At one point I was hoping for bad things to happen to others, which was really unhealthy. My mind went from unhappy and complaining about everything to jealousy, anger and hate. It felt like my world was crashing down on me and I thought I seriously needed some intervention before I went crazy.

I posted that I went to Australia for a week – and cut off communication with everything. For the first time in forever, I kept away from work. I had to stop for a moment, stop obsessing about work, stop thinking about things that I had no control over and I needed the distance from all the people who were making me upset. My trip was largely sponsored by the bf, who is truly an incredible guy – I had the best of everything there; business class flights, 5 star hotels and lots of lobsters. It was a great reminder of all things great in my life – things that I had forgotten about or took for granted.

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