NOTD: Hot Pink with a Snog

A recent haul led to this NOTD – I bought a Butter London set so everything used for this nail look is part of the set I grabbed. Butter London Nail Lacquer Vernis in Snog is a very eye-catching bright hot pink; I really like it and I think it’s girly but classy. The formula is really nice – one coat was pretty much all I needed but I used two to even it out; it goes on smoothly and dries down pretty fast. Wear time is pretty good too… it’s been 3 days and it still looks perfect.

Polishes used:
1. Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat
2. Butter London Nail Lacquer Vernis in Snog
3. Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat

What’s on your nails right now?

NOTD: Pink Sparkly Nails to Brighten Up the Day

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately; there’s a lot on my mind and a lot of things that I’ve been putting off thinking about, but is all coming to a head right now so I can no longer do that, and have to face them. I thought some pink sparkly nails would brighten up the day a little. I liked how it turned out! It did make me feel a little better every time I look at it. 🙂

Polishes used:
1. L’Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis in 210 Shocking Pink
2. Essence Colour & Go in 103 Space Queen
3. Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Topcoat

What about you? Have you ever switched up your makeup or nail colors just to boost up your mood?

NOTD: Chinese New Year Red

Last weekend was Chinese New Year, so I painted my nails some really fancy red to go with the celebrations. For anyone who is not familiar with Chinese New Year, a lot of red is usually involved because it’s supposed to be auspicious! Don’t ask me why though. 😛 All I know is I have to go visit my relatives with oranges, then eat a lot, and get red packets filled with money since I am not married yet.

Polishes used:
1. OPI Nailpolish in Danke – Shiny Red
2. Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Topcoat

What’s on your nails right now? 🙂

NOTD: New Year’s Gold-Green

A quick NOTD for the new year; I’ve been wearing red or sparkly nails for a while so I wanted to switch it up with something that’s still cheerful. So for the last week, I’ve settled for a duochrome gold-green polish, which is mostly gold but can have a green sheen/tone in some lights. I think it gives a very ‘Its the New Year’s’ vibes but without being too in your face!

Products Used:
1. OPI Just Spotted the Lizard
2. Seche Vite Top Coat

Do you have anything special on your nails to welcome the New Year?

NOTD: Festive Red and White

A quick NOTD for the festive season; I’m really loving my nail color! It’s extremely simple to put on, just a simple white base and some shimmery bits to top it off, but I’ve gotten tons of comments on it from friends already. 🙂

Products used:
Essence Colour & Go in 102 Sparkling Water Lily
Essence Colour & Go in 103 Space Queen
Mavala Nail Color in 226 Sparkling Red

What’s are you spotting on your nails right now?